CineShark Oracle Cage now available

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If you have an Oracle Controller (made by Kessler), there's now a cage available from CineShark

Oracle Cage


The CineShark Oracle cage helps protect your precious Oracle, without getting in the way, or adding pounds to your setup. The cage features several 1/4-20 and 3/8 threaded holes for mounting accessories. The threads are tapped so that you can not thread a screw in too far and damage the Oracle. Using the “Dogbone” connector you can even connect two cages together, when using two Oracles in tandem.



The cage is machined from aircraft grade, hardened aluminum. The top and bottom of the cage are type III hard anodized. We are fans of mil-spec and use it whenever we can. You could blast this cage with a flame thrower if you really wanted to (remove your ORACLE first).



CineShark Grey is the standard color. Custom colors are available by request, for an additional fee. Please contact us, for pricing and availability of custom colors.


oracle-cage-9 resized

oracle-cage-10 resized

Items Included:

* Cage top plate
* Cage bottom plate
* 4 – Posts
* 8 – Stainless steel screws

Additional information

This item is not affiliated with, or supported by, Kessler Crane Inc. It is designed, manufactured, and supported independently by CineShark.

(cover photo credit: snap from the site)

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