Back In Time kickstarter project focused on “Back to the Future”

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For any fans of “Back to the Future” movies, this may be a fun kickstarter project especially if you're a fan of the DeLorean!

We got an email from Jason Aron about this project the other day…

We spoke a few months ago about a film I was producing on Back to the Future and the Delorean. We launched our kickstarter page 7 hours ago and have already raised close to $2000.

We shot the Kickstarter trailer on the Canon EOS C100 and Canon EOS 5D Mark III, so this is a Canon cinema project all the way.

(Update:) Wanted to give a quick update were actually a featured staff pick in the film section of Kickstarter and reached the 5K mark in just over 48 hours.

"Back in time" featured on kickstarter!

“Back in time” featured on kickstarter!

Back In Time by Jason Aron

Back in time press release

– Back in Time, an ambitious Back to the Future documentary film project with a unique vision, is happy to announce that the crowdfunding phase of their development has opened up with a Kickstarter project. For the next 45 days, the filmmakers will be seeking backers for their unique film, to the tune of $33,000.

Director Jason Aron and his production partners are set to steal the show at the 30th anniversary “We’re Going Back” celebration of the Back to the Future with their Back in Time documentary project, which focuses on the DeLorean Time Machine.

The cultural impact of the movie franchise is the main element Aron and his partners want to examine. With regular references to phrases like “88 miles per hour,” “1.21 gigawatts,” “flux capacitor,” and many, many more having crept into the vernacular, the films have clearly had a lasting impact on modern pop culture. The documentary crew is determined to examine the depth and breadth of the ripples caused by the films.

With major DeLorean “Time Machine” players like Joe Walser and Ken Kapalowski having signed off on the project—meaning the documentary is already slated to premier at the October 2015 “We’re Going Back” celebration—and others in the Back to the Future community ready to take active part in telling the unique story of this worldwide hit series, the film has already made huge strides in pre-production.

In order to build on this solid foundation, the team is turning to fans of the Back to the Future franchise for their support. The Kickstarter project page for the film lists a wide variety of attractive pledge levels perfect for fans of all types.

With such iconic subject matter, a truly compelling star (the DeLorean, including one of the original props from Back to the Future), and the talent of the production team, Back in Time is sure to be a success. Yet getting the film made is going to take the help of the fans. The larger the success of the Kickstarter campaign, the bigger (more interviews, more participants) the film will be in the end. Aron and the team hope that backers will give generous support and—of course—let all their friends know about this unique proposition.

Back in Time: Their story

The first time I ever encountered a DeLorean in person I was shocked and amazed at the attention it drew. As a filmmaker, and a lover of the trilogy, that fateful event compelled me to examine what precisely the cultural impact of Back to the Future has truly been across the decades since it was released. I knew right then what the focus of any true documentary about the series would need to be: the Time Machine itself. That beautiful DeLorean.

With the 30th anniversary of the original film's release creeping steadily nearer, I knew that it was the right moment for this project. 30 is a big, magical number in the trilogy. 2015 is the year Marty, Jennifer, and Doc Brown travel to in Part II. If ever there were a moment to hit the gas and make the jump, it was now.

So I got the best people I could find who were also passionate about making this a reality. I found people inside the fanatic BTTF community and found that the more excited they got, the more I knew how right this project was. The more myself and the rest of the crew became, the more wound up the community folks ended up.

We're generating just about 1 gigawatt of electricity right now between the crew and the BTTF community folks we've managed to wrangle into working with us on this project. All we need is some passionate fans of the trilogy to help us get that last 0.21 gigawatts of power.

I'm pretty sure you're up to it.

In return for that support, we've got an amazing documentary planned out (and extra ideas aplenty for when we blow past our goal at 88 miles per hour) which includes interviews with some really prominent people in Back to the Future circles. From pillars of the fan community to cast and crew of the films. We've even got eyes on an original Time Machine. (Yes, the only privately-owned which happened to have been DeLorean featured in our trailer. It's the star of the film!)

The Back in Time Kickstarter page is available here and will run through Sunday, August 11th.

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