Zacuto C-Shooter Hands On Review : Erik Naso

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Erik Naso sent us this review of the Zacuto C-Shooter for the Canon EOS C100, Canon EOS C300, and Canon EOS C500 — thanks Erik!

Zacuto C-Shooter Hands On Review

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From Erik:

via Zacuto C-Shooter Hands On Review : Erik Naso.

The Canon Cinema EOS cameras are the most ergonomic camera I have used. So why use a rig for them? Well for a couple of reasons. If your trying to shoot ENG style then holding a camera with no rig can get fatiguing really fast. Try interviewing someone for over five minutes holding the C100 up without a rig. Three minutes in your going to see more jitter because it’s hard to hold up the camera with just your arms for extended periods. That’s the hardest thing to do. Not moving the camera, because you never know when the best sound bite is coming, and bam! As soon as it does your twitching and shaking and the camera the shot looks like…. yeah you now. Always happens right? Before I go to deep please read my ethics statement at the bottom of this post.

Zacuto C-Shooter Rig

Zacuto C-Shooter Rig

When the shooting situation calls for a lot of longer handholding then that’s where a rig comes in. The ENG camera (Short for Electronic News Gathering or basically what a broadcast news guy uses) is designed for handheld use. Cinema cameras like the ARRI Alexa also have a shouldering friendly design but 99% of the cameras we can afford do not. With the C100 things have changed a bit and we get the best of both worlds. If you need to shoot for long periods of time the C-Shooter by Zacuto is a good choice.
Zacuto usually makes universal products. I can understand that since new cameras these days come out so frequently, but they decided to make this rig for the the Canon Cinema EOS Cameras. They also have special rigs for other cameras as well. Check them out. The C-Shooter comprises of several Zacuto products that come together to create the C-Shooter. All the pieces can be purchased seperatly or you can buy them as a kit and save a few bucks. The one specially designed piece is the ENG Grip Relocator.


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