Wooden Camera – New Product Update

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Some of you may not have heard of Wooden Camera so we thought we'd get you some of their recent news – they do all kinds of products (and they're not all wood) and we had a nice chat with them at NAB 2013 this year!

They are a planet5D forums sponsor – and if you haven't been to our forums (and I don't know why you haven't!), you can find tons of answers and plenty to talk about over there!

Wooden Camera – New Product Update

RED Fan (Top)

-For those participating in the RED Fan Upgrade, the top fan fits perfectly underneath the Easy Top and Easy Top X without any modification

RED Fan (Bottom)

RED Fan Top

– The lower fan upgrade protrudes from the camera into the space where the LW 15mm Bracket normally attaches

RED Fan Bottom

Fan Fixer

– The Fan Fixer costs only $9 and spaces the LW 15mm Bracket to the proper distance.

WC V-Mount Plate

WC V-Mount Plate

-This is the first of several Wooden Camera brand battery plates
– Made with IDX v-mount plate
– Includes 2x D-Tap
– 8″ cable comes out of the side of the plate allowing easy plug in and positioning on the rear of additional modules
– Custom lengths available!



– Simple handle bar system for attaching to camera top cheese plates
– Attaches via two 1/4-20 holes spaced 36mm apart center to center
– Center thumbscrew allows for tilt adjustment and left to right positioning
– Comes in Rubber, Black, and Brown Leather

 Disclaimer: they are planet5D sponsors (over on the planet5D forums) but we don't publish this news just because they're sponsoring us (see more on our eithics page). We publish gear news because our users have asked us to let them know when we find things that may help them improve their shooting. If you're a gear maker and would like us to publish your HDSLR related products, please contact planet5D 

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