Win a Teradek Cube from Teradek on planet5D!

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Win a “Cube” from Teradek right here on planet5D!

As a reminder, we're doing a giveaway on the planet5D forums (more info on the giveaway ) and all this week, we're highlighting the products that you might win!

The giveaway ends on July 31st so you still have time to get involved in the forums and post plenty of times to give you a whole bunch of entries to win. Note: just registering in the forums does not give you an entry, you must post!

Our thanks to Teradek for being our secondary sponsor on this exciting giveaway!

Teradek Cube

Teradek Cube1

Stream to an iPad or iPhone
Cube enables producers, clients, and others on set to monitor every shot live on their iOS device. Instead of running long, cumbersome cables to bulky monitors, Cube's ability to turn the iPad or iPhone into a mobile wireless monitor liberates cinema crews from wired tethers and cluttered sets.

Any CDN, Multiple Protocols
With a simple press of the Broadcast button, Cube will stream directly to your website, Facebook page, or content delivery network (CDN) of choice. Cube supports multiple transport protocols, including HLS, Zixi cloud services RTMP, RTP, RTSP, and MPEG-TS, which makes it the most versatile wireless video encoder available.

End to End Streaming
When combined with a Teradek decoder, Cube can transmit live video at very low latency to nearly any location. Whether your video feed is being sent back to a studio, into a video switcher, or displayed on a large screen, Cube's point to point streaming solution can bring your content to audiences worldwide.

Industry Leading Features & Design
Compact, light weight, and built like a tank, the Teradek Cube is the smallest and most durable camera-top HD encoder on the market. With its new built-in Li-Ion battery, OLED display, microSD port, and MIMO Wifi technology, Cube takes wireless streaming to a new level.


Check out a writeup of using the 1DC on set with the Teradek Cube on the Wonderblog

One of the most exciting non 4K features of the Canon 1DC is the HDMI mirroring feature which will let you plug in an external monitor or recorder while still being able to use the camera's LCD screen.

The Teradek Cube has been one of the most important tools in my kit allowing me to light weight hand held rigs and still send a wireless signal to a client's iPad. I don't like EVFs and up to now I've had to limit using the cubes to cameras like the C300 and Alexa. Now with the HDMI feature I am able to still use my guerrilla hand held tactics while sending a wireless feed.

Behind the scenes with the Cube 155

Director Andrew Wonder takes us behind the scenes on his latest production utilizing the all new Teradek Cube 155.

Crews Control Review: Teradek Cube A Video Producer's Best Friend

Crews Control reviews the Teradek Cube.

“Teradek's Cube is a wired or wireless video encoding device that is palm sized. It has many applications. This video is highlighting the Cube as a video producers remote monitoring tool. The Cube is connected to the cameras SDI/ HDSDI or HDMI outputs on the camera. It then works with Livestream (or any CDN) to send you an encoded stream from the camera to your desktop. You can approve shots, conduct the interview with a speaker phone and feel confident that you are getting all the right shots. To find out more, visit

(cover photo credit: snap from the site)

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