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We're moving over to a new email service at @feedblitz because we were having trouble with the free service over at Feedburner (my father always told me “you get what you pay for son” and he's so right! I didn't want to pay for an email service, but I know why I should have done this much earlier). This new service has so many more capabilities and it will give us the ability to serve your needs more completely. Plus, now with these new features, we'll be able to send email subscribers some special things that the web or RSS readers won't receive!

Plus, we're now able to offer a WEEKLY BEST OF planet5D!

Things seem to be running smoothly at feedblitz and I've turned off the email features of feedburner and moved all the email processing over to feedblitz. The emails coming now have a bit nicer formatting (and I'm still tweaking some of the layouts).

Remember, you can always unsubscribe at any time – there's an unsubscribe link at the bottom of every email sent via feedblitz… you're in control!

Benefits of subscribing

  • Join with tens of thousands of others in the planet5D family and be in constant contact with the latest news
  • no need to remember to visit your bookmarks, let planet5D come to your email inbox (or RSS reader)
  • VIP email subscribers will get special benefits of planet5D every now and then (free ebooks and other offers coming soon)

Subscribe now!

There are also simple RSS feeds for each email service (and if you use the links below, you'll never lose the RSS feed even if we move to another service later!)

Here are the planet5D daily VIP email lists:
Click the first item in each list to subscribe to the VIP email subscriptions. Or if you prefer using RSS (but remember, you won't get the special offers that will only be sent to VIP email subscribers), copy the last URL in each list and paste that into your RSS reader.

  1. planet5D blog VIP email subscription (RSS use this link: )
  2. planet5D forums VIP email subscription (RSS use this link:
  3. planet5D videolog VIP email subscription (RSS use this link:
  4. planet5D pinterest (visual) news VIP email subscription (RSS use this link:

You can unsubscribe from any of the services individually of course. I'm trying something new (and radical maybe?) – if you subscribe to the daily planet5D blog, you'll automatically be subscribed to the other 3. I'm trying this because I want to expose more people to the benefits of the other planet5D services in case they're not aware of them. But if you should decide you want out of everything all at once, if you unsub from the blog (#1 on the list), then we'll automatically unsub you from the others too.

Weekly best of planet5D!

I know many of you will like this one too!
We've also added this WEEKLY (one time per week on Saturday) Summary of the best of planet5D for the week. This will be manually curated by me so you'll get the things that we found to be the best for that particular week.

  1. Weekly best of planet5D blog (Subscribe)


Your email address is safe with us, we won't share your email outside of planet5D.

We value your support of planet5D a lot and would appreciate it if you'd share your opinions about planet5D with your photo and video friends please?

We'll be announcing some free e-books as well shortly so keep your eyes peeled!

Don't forget we're giving away $9k in gear including a Canon EOS 6D!

Read all about the giveaway here!

Please let me know how we can improve our services for you and if you have any cool news or projects using HDSLRs or one of the new video cameras like the Canon EOS C100, please let us know!


(cover photo credit: snap from feedblitz)

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