Modular Camera Concept Allows Sensor Switching

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Ever since the day that the guys from RED showed me the RED for the first time, I thought that the modular camera body concept was brilliant. We still see bits and pieces of that across the camera industry, but it is yet to become really prevalent. Here's a concept camera that was posted on at Fstoppers that takes the idea to the sensor.

Why shouldn't we be able to buy the pieces of a camera and put them together ourselves? We can do it with computers. Of course it isn't easy, but shouldn't we at least have some forward thinking?

Concept image

Modular Camera Concept Allows Sensor Switching | Fstoppers

Modular Camera Concept Allows Sensor Switching | Fstoppers

From Fstoppers

Most cameras are not designed to be any more modular than switching a lens out. They are next to impossible to user-service or upgrade, and if you want to use a different lens system and there isn’t an adapter…too bad. That’s where Korean designers Dae jin Ahn and Chun hyun Park come in. Their modular camera concept envisions a future where the user can upgrade or completely change key aspects of their system with ease.The system is called Equinox and it’s based on the square core you see pictured below.

via Modular Camera Concept Allows Sensor Switching | Fstoppers.

(cover photo credit: snap from the fstoppers site)


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