FilmConvert for RedLogFilm, Canon 6D, Canon C100, the venerable EX1, and more

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For those of you who love old film and would love to emulate the old emulsions in your movie/corporate video etc., then FilmConvert is a great tool and they've just announced new camera support for the Canon EOS C100, and more!

FilmConvert for RedLogFilm, 6D, the brilliant C100, the venerable EX1, and more.

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FilmConvert, the digital film emulation toolset from RubberMonkey Software has just been updated to include significant new support of an even wider variety of cameras.

“With the FilmConvert system relying on direct profiles of the color and exposure response of each type of camera, the current update is crucial to aid filmmakers in their quest for an accurate film emulation,” said Lance Lones, Head of Research and Development at RubberMonkey Software. “We've filled quite a few gaps in our tool set that have been requested by filmmakers. Significantly, this includes full support for Canon's C100, as well as REDlogFilm and REDgamma3 updates.”

In addition to the Red Digital Cinema camera updates with REDlogFilm and REDgamma3, this FilmConvert revision also includes direct support for Canon's 6D, the Canon XF300, the Canon C100, and the Sony EX1.

“We've also added in an older camera, Sony's CineAlta EX1, which is a brilliant workhorse that we thought deserved support, and which is still quite widely used. It was in fact one of the trickier cameras to profile owing to the vast number of options that Sony supports in its' signal processing path,” said Lones.

The full new profiles list

· Canon C100 – all new full profiles of all the standard gammas, including CanonLog and WideDR options.
· Canon 5D mark III – Canon's new VideoX custom picture style.
· Canon 6D – full picture style support for Flaat 11, Technicolor CineStyle, Marvels Cine v3.4, ProLost, VisionColor, and VisionTech02 as well as EOS standard and neutral.
· Canon 600D – additional new picture styles: Flaat 11, Technicolor CineStyle, Marvels Cine v3.4, VideoX, VisionColor, and VisionTech02.
· Canon XF300 – all the standard picture styles
· REDlogFilm & REDgamma3 – profiled using REDcolor3
· Sony EX1 – all 8 built in gamma curves are supported.

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For current license holders, the new profiles and current update are completely free of charge.

The FilmConvert technology is available as a standalone application, with plugin versions also available for Adobe Photoshop, Adobe After Effects, Adobe Premiere, Sony Vegas, Final Cut X and Final Cut Pro 7. Individual items are priced at $199, with a full bundle of all the plugins and standalone available for $299.

Learn more about the FilmConvert technology at

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