DSLR Video – Advanced Cinematic Color Grading by planetLuke

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planetLuke released this tutorial about how to use his presets to do cinematic color grading. He’s using several scenes from his Canon EOS 5D Mark III short “Copelandia” — and I thought maybe you’d want to see that first…

Cinematic Color Grading

Luke’s description

Check out all 30 presets for Premiere, AE, Sony Vegas Pro, and Sony Vegas Platinum on our new website:


Link # 1 – Reference Clips and Color Presets – www.mediafire.com/?0n6agnx16zk…

Link #2 – Neat Video – www.neatvideo.com/purchase.html

Link #3 – Crazy Delcy Letterbox Pack – crazydelcytv.com/shop/products…

Link #4 – Gorilla Grain (Free Film Grain) – gorillagrain.com/features

The contrast and brightness levels were sort of compromised by my screen capturing software but if you download the shots and follow along it shouldn’t be an issue. Also in shot #3 I decreased the Contrast in the LUT Preset to 15 for the lower half of the shot.

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(cover photo credit: snap from the video)

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