DEFY G2 3-axis camera gimbal pre-orders start soon!

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For those of you who saw the post “Can the DEFY 3-axis camera gimbal be a low priced MōVI for the rest of us?” and got all hot and bothered, good news, Defy has announced pre-orders will begin on July 9th – and they've posted more video as well!



Having an idea is one thing, but to implement it to action is another. It’s a separation from the mediocre to excellence that inspires us to move forward. Have you ever thought of something so simple, so convenient, that you had to push it into action? Only to realize what you dream was limited by what was actually physically possible? Our passion is to move past these barriers, to create and innovate. Our inspiration comes from you, the film community, to give everyone the chance to create what they can dream of.

We are a team of filmmakers that has been faced with these same limitations and challenges countless times. Now, we have created a solution to our own problems, an effort that is ready to be shared with you. Just like you, we film, we create, we tell stories, we become limited, go back to the drawing board, but now… We DEFY.

“There will always be other options for stabilizers in the marketplace, but what really differentiates us from other manufactures is our film production background. We understand a product for film production needs to perform well in the most unique and harsh conditions”, says Drew Janes, CEO and Executive Producer at Relentless, Inc. “Years ago, we recognized the benefit that a tool like the DEFY could provide; having extensive experience with building stabilizers for our own multirotor helicopters, we knew that this could make stabilizers even more effective for handheld applications.”

Demo Footage and Behind the Scenes: DEFY G2

Holding to his comments at the NAB show in 2013, Janes and Relentless Inc. will also release a 2-axis model as shown at NAB priced at $1800 USD. Application kits for mounting the DEFY G2 to various multirotor models are also planned.

We are proud to announce that the anticipated 3-axis handheld stabilizing system, the DEFY G2 Gimbal, will be available for pre-order on Tuesday, July 9th. The DEFY G2 is a gimbal designed for camera and lens arrangements with a combined weight of two pounds and under, such as the new Black Magic Pocket Cinema Camera, Sony Nex series and other micro four thirds cameras. Priced at $2,300 USD, the DEFY G2 is an affordable stabilizer from independent filmmakers to the professional user.

The DEFY G2 features a full 3-axis control, two modes of operation: “Follow Me” and “Stabilize”, and integrated on/off switch. Purchase includes the gimbal, two LIPO batteries for approximately four hours of collective operation, LIPO battery charging station, and a crushproof/waterproof PELICAN case.

The DEFY G2 is comprised of lightweight, hexagonal carbon fiber tubes and high quality aluminum components. Uniquely incorporating a limited number of easy to adjust thumb screws into its design in place of hex bolts, users can field assemble and balance without tools in just minutes. Filming with the DEFY G2 is equally easy, allowing nearly anyone with little to no training to use. The DEFY G2 is scalable, meaning it can quickly adapt to various cameras and lenses during a shoot due to the ease of its field balancing.

Additional sizes and configurations will be announced shortly, including the 3-axis DEFY G5, the comparable DSLR version, as well as the DEFY G10, designed to fit larger cameras such as the Red Digital Cinema Camera.

Relentless, Inc is open to input from filmmakers who rely on these larger camera categories for design and engineering enhancement purposes. Contributors can send their feedback to

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