Blackmagic Cinema Camera and HDSLRs: Meet the CineFly

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ikan has just announced the Cinefly for Blackmagic Cinema Camera and HDSLR shooters!

Blackmagic: CineFly

Blackmagic Cinefly

For those of you who may have caught sight of the Blackmagic CineFly through our Facebook Page’s glamor peeks of new gear–or seen it at NAB earlier this year–and wanted a recap on the little beast priced at $549, I’m happy to say we released our newest product video where we cover all the highlights.

With exhaust ports and fully-articulating rosette-mounted arms (something we’re integrating more and more into our ELEMENTS line to increase mobility and to shake things up), the CineFly is a formidable rig for the field.

Cinefly Cinema Camera Shoulder Rig

Blackmagic Cinefly Camera Shoulder Rig

ikan’s CineFly, is a shoulder mount system that can be set to your specific shooting needs. With our non-slip metal rosette system, handles have never been easier to adjust. Bring the arms closer in to your body to help prevent fatigue or any other configuration you can think up. The CineFly comes equipped with ikan’s Blackmagic Cinema Camera base plate, which has perfectly placed exhaust holes for positive air flow to prevent overheating. The CineFly is also compatible with ikan's DSLR and Camcorder base plate systems.

For more information, visit CineFly Cinema Camera Shoulder Rig [tentblogger-vimeo 68139444]

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