A stills camera Canon 50D shoots RAW music video! Magic Lantern RAW video rocks

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We've shown you a ton of Magic Lantern with RAW videos (and we were one of the first to report the stills only camera Canon 50D was capable of shooting video via the Magic Lantern software), but here's one of the first Canon EOS 50D music videos ever released.

We've got some exclusive info from Sheldon Schwartz the video's creator down below as well!

Sean Carter “UNDA – Can I Paint You {music video}”

Sheldon Schwartz on the Canon 50D and Magic Lantern RAW

I work as an in-house director/cinematographer for a video startup called citizen.tv. We are based on the tropical island of Koh Samui, Thailand.

As crazy as it sounds, my job is to shoot all sorts of content on this island paradise as well as mainland Thailand. Our in-house audio engineer Sean, also an up and coming music producer had just finished a short hip hop ballad entitled “Can I Paint You”. RAW had just been enabled on the Canon DSLRS and I immediately bought a Canon 50d for 400 bucks on Ebay and had it shipped express delivery to the island.

My favorite restaurant on Koh Samui is what I'd imagine dining in Bill Gate's tropical summer house backyard looks like – an infinity pool overlooking a vista of tropical island groupings. Setting my Canon 50d to raw mode, we rode up to the restaurant with some friends and a couple of Arri 1ks – paid 2000 baht (60 USD) and shot for 2 hours in the pool area.

The 50d successfully shot 1 minute 30 second takes saving each shot to the .raw format.

The next day I used RAWMAGIC to convert the files to DNG sequences. I used Adobe Camera Raw to grade the sequences, and then opened the same DNG sequences in After Effects to export to prores. Not the best workflow – but I'm sure in a short period of time a good roundtrip workflow from Da Vinci or AE will be implemented by the community.

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(cover photo credit: snap from the video)


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