Teradek announces The Clip – smallest H.264 encoder, wi-fi, size of a matchbox!

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This was a bit of a surprise back at NAB 2013 and we were going to post it, but then time slipped away and we forgot… but it is still something that hasn't been widely reported and you should know!

The guys at Teradek are doing some amazing things with wireless transmission of video (and we've certainly talked about the Teradek cube before) and now they've announced something even smaller!

This is now the world's smallest H.264 encoder with wi-fi broadcast – weights 2oz, microHDMI in, 1080p, 720p… ships this summer. It will cost only $599

The announcement starts at 8:00 in…

NAB 2013: Teradek Surprise Announcement and Live Coverage Wrap-up

Behind the Scenes with Teradek @ NAB 2013

(cover photo credit: snap from the video)


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