Sony’s 2014 Alpha Lineup Expected To Outshine Nikon And Canon? [Rumor]

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Can anyone challenge Canon in the HDSLR market? Here's an interesting rumor – something that many would love to see — for at least it could put the hurt on Canon and make them wake up and get more aggressive with their offerings… (anyone wonder what the heck is different with the Canon Rebel T5i vs the Canon Rebel T4i?)… and you know how the Magic Lantern guys are doing some amazing things with some of the Canon lineup… maybe, just maybe, this will make something exciting happen in the market! What do you think?

Sony’s 2014 Alpha Lineup Expected To Outshine Nikon And Canon [Rumor]

Sony’s 2014 Alpha Lineup

When it comes to cameras, the big names up there are Canon and Nikon, although it was several years ago when Sony introduced their Alpha series of DSLR cameras that Sony became one of the brands that many professional photographers started turning to. Perhaps on the surface it might seem that the competition is more or less on par with each other, but according to the folks at Sony Alpha Rumors, they have received a tip, or rather an opinion, from one of their “top sources” that come 2014, Sony plans to outshine the competition with their new Alpha lineup of cameras.

Sony’s 2014 Alpha Lineup Continued

We reported before that the NEX-7n could be the only NEX system to be released by Sony this year, which is apparently due to Sony’s new CEO who has decided a more revolutionary change approach would be a better strategy for the company, versus the evolutionary approach, which would see Sony launch game changing devices rather than products that merely attempt to keep up with the competition and the market. Take this with a grain of salt for now, but we’re sure that many photographers are probably eager to see what Sony has planned for the future, so check back with us at a later date where hopefully additional details will be available.

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