Lynny Lenses: Rota and Verta

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The “Lynny” is a unique lens and has been somewhat popular – and now they're working on two new lenses – the Rota and Verta and they've sent us this PR…

In most cases, you're not going to shoot an entire movie with something like this, but it makes for some very unique scenes and can be a great stills lens. We're looking forward to seeing the results from these new lenses.

Lynny Rota and Lynny Verta

Lynny Rota & Verta

We've been examining all the features and aspects of Rota and Verta, and they are so awesome. The Rota is so cool because it tilts left and right and you can spin the lens around circularly to control where the effects are in the photos! That's right! The optics in Lynny lenses make really cool effects. When Lynnys are positioned straight ahead, they create this soft blurring around the sharper center of the image. The size of the sharper circular center can be controlled by changing the apertures and we make aperture changing accessories too. And as you tilt the Lynny Rota for example, to the side, the soft blur gradually turns into this awesome explosion of zooming blur, leaving the side you're pointing the Lynny to in focus, pointing all attention to the subject that you're pointing the lens to.

This feature is perfect for selective focus photography, like portraits of people and animals, and still life photography and other photography too. For portraits, this is a MUCH needed lens, because with standard camera lenses, they don't have the ability to create that special thing you need to customize the photos and make them have your personality in them, and also customize the photos to your subjects personality and/or characteristics, leaving you having to take the photo into photo editing software to add effects/filters. But why should you have to do that?? Why shouldn't you be able to do it with the camera or lens? That's why we make Lynny lenses! Our lenses make the effects you need to make your photos stand out above everyone elses! And it's the type of images that when your clients/friends show other people, one reason their friends will come to you above all others is because of the images you take with the Lynny. People will be like, wow, how did you do that, that is amazing! I know this from experience with Lynny lenses.

With portrait photography, lets say you have a person in front of the camera, you can position them in the left of the frame, and then tilt the Lynny to the left, which will make this explosion of zooming blur on the other side leaving them in focus, and drawing all the attention to them, and blurring/blending all the beautiful colors behind them, making this amazingly stunning image, which you very simply did by just tilting the lens. The Lynny does all the effects for you and makes your images stunning every time, effortlessly. And the great thing is, the lens doesn't control you, you have complete control over the lens and the photos, so you make the image just how you want to every time, so easily!

Same thing applies to any type of photography, you can make subjects in action/sports photography look like they're moving as fast or slow as you want them to look, just by tilting movements with the Lynny. You can make still life photography like nature and macro, tell so much more of a story than with any other lens. It's amazing what Lynnys can do. They're unlike any other lens.

Lynny Lens Continued

We're so close to being able to start prototyping the lenses, which is a huge step forward to mass production, which is when the final models will be created to ship out to everyone who buys one.

We say we're close, because we're not there yet – Prototyping each part of the lens costs a lot of money, per part, and there are a lot of parts which build each lens. I'm reaching out to you because as I can tell by you signing up through the email, you are interested in the Lynny Lenses. I understand, they are really neat lenses, and can get some really nice effects, and they make photography really enjoyable. I know, because I use mine every day (the first model we released).

As you may know (or you may not know) we set up a system on the Lynny Lens home page where anyone can essentially preorder the new Lynny Lenses. We have it set up in a really cool way, where you order a discount code which can be used to buy the Lynny when we release it this Summer.

We set up this system so we can use the funds to put towards all the things we need to do so we can get closer and closer to mass production so we can finally release these awesome new lenses.

Sample shots with Lynny Pressa

Lynny Rota & Verta sample shots

So on the website, you can purchase the 50% off discount for example, which can save you up to $125 or more on a Lynny when they are released. So I can't stress enough that taking part in this offer is something you should NEED to do, something I would do myself too if I were in your shoes because when we release the lenses, they will likely be about $250 or so, so to get in this offer and save up to 50% off means you can get your hands on one of these lenses for only $125 or less! And at the same time by purchasing this discount you are literally helping us a LOT to fund mass production to get it in your hands and everyone else's even faster! Who knows how long it will take if we don't have the help we need, if we don't have YOUR help! This is a time of need, we need your help to bring us closer to bringing these to your hands. It's a favor for a favor. And we give a big return favor, can be a huge 50% off. So you pay a little to save a LOT.

We would love it so much if you could go to and click the preorder link and preorder a Rota or Verta. That way we can get the lenses to you as quickly as possible and so you can get the most creative photos ever! We know our lenses will be a key to getting you such awesome photos and we're so happy about that. We want to do that for you, and we need your help so we can help you! So please click the link above to preorder our lenses so you can get them and so we can get closer to mass production by prototyping them to make sure everything is perfect.

Once we have a functional prototype of the new lenses, then we will start a project to take in preorders there which will help us fund mass production. This help we need now is to fund prototyping which is a beginning step.

Watch the video below to learn about the Lynny Pressa

[tentblogger-vimeo 57765438]

Please check out and preorder the lens now so we can release it sooner than expected! You are not only helping us by preordering, but you are helping everyone else and yourself too, by speeding up the process it takes to mass produce these and actually helping us even mass produce these in the first place. We need to prototype these lenses to get a final functional model of the Rota and Verta and then we can start the mass production of these lenses. So we need your help, we beg of your help. This is an important time for us, so we hope you'll back us and help us release these lenses.

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