Incredibly beautiful Aurora from Michigan: “North Country Dreamland” shot on Canon EOS 5Ds

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From the opening scene, you know this is going to be a great little short – Shawn Malone has created an awe inspiring and very beautiful video time-lapse of the Aurora seen from Northern Michigan in this short shot on Canon EOS 5D Mark II, and Canon EOS 5D Mark III (and believe it or not an original Canon EOS 5D – do those still exist? HA!).

I contacted Shawn and she's graciously letting us post this to planet5D so all of you can see it. Beautiful! Especially for a first timer!

UPDATE: in continuing conversations with Shawn, I just got this update — the video is famous!

btw the scene shot with the 5d is the scene at 3:32

Cool story about that scene-I actually didn't see that with my own eyes, I had gone in to edit pics of the auroral event up to that point, it was around 3 am, looked like something might still happen, so I set up my backup 5d with tripod, you can imagine the expletives echoing off the hills when I saw what I missed as I later reviewed the LCD, but grateful at least the camera caught it. That segment appeared on NBC Nightly News here:

“North Country Dreamland” shot on Canon EOS 5D

“North Country Dreamland”

Description from Shawn:

A northern Michigan celestial dark sky exposition

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photo video/edit: Shawn Malone
cameras used: Canon 5d, Canon EOS 5D Mark II and Canon EOS 5D Mark III bodies and multiple wide angle lenses

Music: David Helpling/Jon Jenkins track titled, “Lifted” from the album “The Crossing
used with permission

Thanks for watching and hope you enjoy!

This video is my first time lapse compilation of a resultant 10k photo frames equaling 33 scenes of various night sky events from Northern Michigan 2012- It took a year to shoot and a bit of tenacity and persistence to get this into a form of coherent electrified cosmic goodness.

Night sky-capes include multiple northern lights scenes, meteor showers, nebulae, planets, including Venus and Jupiter setting from Spring 2012, constellations, the milky way, comet Pan-Starrs, night-scapes over both Lake Superior and Lake Michigan.

Thought I might mention some of the more interesting wildlife encounters during the photo gathering-

1.sparring moose on Isle Royale under a pitch black sky after wrapping the Isle Royale Tobin Harbor airglow / northern lights opening scene at 3am in the morning, with their thunderous antlers clashing with fear inducing power that could be felt in the knashing soundwaves echoing in the hills, (and I had to hike a two mile ‘deer path' back to my shelter in the direction of those moose, I survived to tell the tale without getting pancaked)

2. the howl of wolves in the eastern UP piercing the freezing air under a calm full moon sky

3.a particularly persistent beaver on an inland lake in the Hiawatha National Forest, determined to be in just about every frame with a methodically spaced tail slap on an otherwise beautifully FLAT CALM star reflected lake- sooo even though the star reflection sequence is blown by this beaver with a ‘tude, the scene is included anyway as a humorous memory

4. the blue heron fishing for a midnight snack by auroral light at the mouth of Sand River and Lake Superior- if only I would have not moved, this heron would have walked the river bank thru the entire frame..

Rare pairings caught on camera include ribbons of aurora above a full moon fogbow on the horizon of Lake Superior, the aurora and an isolated singular lightning storm cloud over Lake Superior, and the aurora and Milky Way in several scenes including Copper Harbor, Marquette, Isle Royale, Pictured Rocks, and Eagle Harbor Lighthouse.
There are also a couple sequences of rare magenta/red aurora that I will never tire of. 3:454:26

Blue Heron paused at 00:57 before I accidentally scared him away

Thanks to Brian Malone for getting the scene at 2:54.

I feel extremely fortunate to have witnessed and photographed the several strong auroral outbursts shown here from 2012 at a relatively southern 46.5 degrees latitude in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan, and am so grateful for the advances in high iso dslr technology to allow for time-lapse capture to be able to create these sequences for such high quality video reproduction of the night sky.

When one thinks of locations to go view the aurora, most people think of Alaska or Norway, but in 2012, the auroras were also over the Michigan skies every month except December- (which the aurora was out then too, but that's when our run of clouds moved in and shut me down for the year, and that cloudy streak still persists well into Spring 2013). makes everything recorded in 2012 extra special indeed..

All scenes are within 200 miles or so of my home in Marquette, Mi. and I feel very blessed to live where I do and to share the beauty that I see ‘in my own backyard' with you. I hope it inspires others to take time to find the beauty that is everywhere around us and also to raise an awareness about the importance of preserving our night wondrous starlit skies.

A special thanks to David Helpling and Jon Jenkins who granted permission to use their spectacular track, ” Lifted” – from the album “The Crossing” , thanks again David and Jon- so glad to know of this track, I couldn't have thought of a more fitting and inspiring piece of music as a contributing impetus to the completion of this project- you can find more of David Helpling and Jon Jenkins music at

Video locations include Isle Royale National Park, Pictured Rocks National Lakeshore, Headlands Intl Dark Sky Park, North Country Trail, Hiawatha National Forest, Marquette Michigan, Copper Harbor and Eagle Harbor MI.

Video ©Shawn Malone all rights reserved

any commercial/media use of any portion of this video requires permission first from Shawn Malone at


via North Country Dreamland on Vimeo.

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