DSLR Pinhole Video? Is this something for your arsenal?

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Well, it turns out that this past weekend (April 28th) was Pinhole photography day – I've been working on this story for a while, but you'd think I would have run into that date somewhere HA!

There are literally thousands of different ways to shoot – and one of the earliest was shooting without a lens by simply exposing film to light thru a pinhole at the other end of a box. Well, that's cool for photography, but what about doing the same thing and making a movie?

The sample pinhole video below actually reminds me of one of the most popular planet5D posts “Canon EOS 5D Mark II video from a 102 year old lens – a Blast from the past!” (tho that was a lot more sharp because there was really a lens there).

I stumbled into the videos below a while ago in my constant quest for interesting things to show you guys and they're quite interesting.

In my research, I also found it interesting that there are people making pinhole caps for every kind of camera mount and they're using lasers to make the holes… maybe that makes it too perfect?

You've got an HDSLR, so why not give it a try? You can show us your videos in the planet5D forum or via the videolog!

There are samples here as well as a how to video down below.


[tentblogger-youtube Pa3UjNwIQe0]

This is a short film about the destruction of America shot with a pinhole lens on a Canon 7D. The pin hole lens cost nothing to make, and therefore represents nicely the economic scourge that has infested the land.

Shot and Edited by Brady Tuckett
Music by Hannes Frischknecht and Brady Tuckett

DSLR Pinhole Photography

Here'a video showing you how to shoot digital pinhole photos. [tentblogger-youtube N_yJSPlQpJA]

Cameras have gotten pretty darn complex these days what with their deluxe panoramic stitching functions and all.

But before we even start trying to figure out the inner-workings of such technologically advanced picture-makers, we remind ourselves that all we really need is one simple equation.

Hole + box = photo. Sure, oatmeal boxes make great pinhole cameras, but there's another way!: the SLR Pinhole Body Cap, the most simple yet revolutionary way to get that beautifully lo-fi pinhole look.

Wondering if you could buy ‘pinhole' caps? Check these out!

Digital SLR Camera Caps for Pinhole Photography

Digital SLR Camera Caps for Pinhole Photography

Visit Lenox Laser for a list of various pinhole caps to choose from.

(cover photo credit: snap from the video)

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