Canon EOS C100 vs Canon 7D – side by side video report from Rob Ruscher

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Canon C100 vs Canon 7D

As I continued to hear talk of the Canon EOS C100, my curiosity grew and I jumped at the opportunity to use it on a recent shoot. It was an all day broll shoot with two interviews. From what I heard, this was a great shoot for the Canon EOS C100. Lightweight, easy to use and solid dynamic range for coloring. At the end of the day, I was extremely happy with this camera.

Now I won’t go into all the features of the Canon EOS C100 because that has been tons of times already. What really drove this test was me asking “Is the C100 better than the Canon EOS 7D and by how much?” A few things that stuck out to me is have three stops of ND, extremely customizable picture profiles, and built in XLR inputs. There more great features such as size, weight and how quickly you are able to change all of your settings. However, the 7D is still a great camera and continues to impress clients.

Before you watch the video there are a few notes I want to make. I did not add a Fader ND on the 7D because I didn’t want to add any variables to the test. Hence why the outside shots weren’t shot at a similar iris. The picture profile for the 7D was with sharpness all the way down, contrast down 3, saturation down 3 and color tone left in the middle. The C100 was on the profile Weed_Log which was created by Brian Weed. The lens on both cameras was the Sigma 30mm 1.4.


And on to the video! [tentblogger-youtube F5moLqw9dpg]

So as you can see the C100 has a much flatter look and does great with blown out highlights. I really enjoyed shooting with the C100 and loved the image it gave me. For $5,500 this camera is a pretty solid deal. No SDI and placement of the LCD screen are just a few of the things I dislike. We have viewing monitors that don’t have HDMI and even though there are adapters for it, that is an additional step needed on set. The LCD screen is ok and positioning is odd but there are options. An electric viewfinder would be the way to go especially if shooting outside. This gives you even more ways to rig the camera for handheld use. A nice OLED monitor would also be a great addition. Not having 60p is a bummer. Using slow motion is a great tool for story telling but again, the camera is only $5,500. Pros and cons like any camera and you need to look at what you are shooting and what is most important to you. Overall I dig this camera. It is on our radar to buy but the FS700 is as well.

If there is an interest we will be doing a coloring test between the two. Hope you guys learned something from this and let me know if you have any questions about the test or the camera. Thanks!

(cover photo credit: snap from the video)


  1. What was your basis for setting exposure? The C100 images look as if they’re underexposed. That doesn’t make them “wrong”, but you’ve given no context to help us understand why these differences exist, and what they portend in terms of practical film making.

    1. Author

      I based my exposure off of the waveform on the C100. I did not want to blow out the highlights and with the dynamic range, I can allow the mid tones to be a little muddy. As I am coloring the footage now, it appears that the exposure is good. I will post the colored version once I am done. Thanks and hope this helps.

  2. I used the waveform on the C100 along with eyeing the C100 LCD. Although it does seem a little under exposed, I didn’t want to blow out the windows. While coloring I was able to do a lot more which I ill post when done. Hope this helps.

  3. I would be interested in seeing the results of color correction. As good as the C100 is, it still records in 8-bit, 4:2:0, which is equivalent to the Canon 7d. Although I believe with a Ninja 2 external recorder, you can get the C100 to 4:2:2. And the C100 outputs in AVCHD. I’m curious to see how that matches up to the 7d’s H.264 with regards to (color) grading. For sure, it’s not going to be as flexible as RAW/CinemaDNG.

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  5. The 7D has more punch in the color, which is not exactly a good or bad thing just the way the profile is. It was hard to tell for sharpness as (it looked to me) that the 7d was not accurately focused on the subject in most of the shots.

  6. Good video. C100 clear winner. Nice dynamic range. I’ve always hated the skin tones and lack of dynamic range of the 5D’s 7d’s etc (not counting the new raw ML hack which looks great). Maybe a fairer comparison would be D800 vs C100?

    P.s. Your dog is bonkers. Is it a puppy?

  7. A comparison C100 VS FS700 would be very useful, currently I’m struggling in wich one to buy, I shot motorsport events (than the FS700 would be perfect) and weddings (than the C100 would be perfect) with Nex VG 10, speedbooster and various lens all adapted for the EMount. The natural upgrade would be to the FS700 but the image of the C100 has “that” cine look… And seems also easy to grade… Help me!!

  8. The 7D is noticeably softer. What’s the CODEC and data rate on the C100?

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  10. Hi Rob
    I suppose you used the same lens for both cameras, right?

    1. I did. It’s in the third paragraph in the description. Sigma 30mm 1.4. C100 is a little wider than the 7D. 1.3 crop vs a 1.6 crop sensor

      1. And it looks like I was wrong on the crop factor of the C100… I’ve been doing more research and it looks like it is a 1.5 crop sensor.

  11. I get the point of the test, but I think the execution needs some fixing.
    As with everyone else, you really have to shoot at the same settings otherwise it isn’t a comparison. The DOF makes the images look too different. Either find the best ND you can find and shoot with that on the 7D. Or shoot them both at f8. Or give us options, maybe show the 7d at the same aperture and sacrifice the shutter speed in one shot and the aperture in the next to show that you have to make a sacrifice somewhere.
    As a side note, the C100 has a 6 stop ND. 3 positions, 2 stops, 4 stops, and 6 stops. However the fact that your base ISO on the C100 is roughly 3 stops brighter than a DSLR, you really do only have 3 stops of advantage left over.

  12. I’m going to have to agree with William. Even after your color grading and curves, your C100 footage looks underexposed. The day looked gloomy and in conditions like this you would definitely need to compensate and adjust accordingly. Still, you present some very satisfying video to prove that the 7D can still play with the big guys 3+ years later.

    Thanks Rob

    1. I agree there were a few shots underexposed. The LCD on the C100 isn’t the best so I’d definitely have a better monitor on a shoot. The 7D is still a great option and an amazing second camera although I think the C100 is a huge upgrade in image and functionality.

  13. Thank you for the video comparison! I own a Canon 7D, and want the C100 or C300, to use for creating independent shorts and features. I’m a huge Canon fan.

  14. @rob ruscher eh.. well, you didn’t skip the chapter on crushing the blacks..

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