Canon EOS 5D Mark III firmware and Atomos Ninja 2 complete explanation

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    On the new planet5D forums, we've had a lot of discussion about the new Canon EOS 5D Mark III firmware and HDMI and stuff (“here“)… but this video explanation of the firmware, HDMI, and the Atomos Ninja 2 from Stefan Czech is the most complete explanation of everything having to do with the Canon EOS 5D Mark III 1.2.1 firmware and the Atomos Ninja 2 that I've seen anywhere on the planet.

    It is a bit long, but there's a TON of info in this video — so we've done a transcript – or shall I say at least an ‘index' of the main points in the video and when they occur – so you can skip around to find the main points!

    One of the good points (among many that Stefan makes) is that you don't have to use an SSD with the Ninja – less expensive 2.5” laptop drives will work. That could save you some cash!

    The other ‘trick' not spoken about much yet is the fact you can “zoom” and still record! This gives you the ability to virtually ‘crop' the 5D3 and to expand the range of your lenses. Of course, there's a slight loss of quality the further you ‘zoom', but it is something you can experiment with and use to your heart's content if you would like. See the index below for “magnification tricks.”

    Canon 5D Mark III & Atomos Ninja 2 …finally


    I felt that there was enough information in the video that it overwhelmed me – so I asked planetKeith to help me by making an “index” of what was covered — it will probably help you if you're wanting to skip to a particular point of interest… so here's what Keith did for me!

    00:01:15 Feedback on Canon 5D Mark III

    00:01:48 Introduction to Clean HDMI Out

    00:02:05 Firmware (3 Focus)

    00:02:16 Definition of Clean HDMI Out (Guidelines)

    00:03:28 Introducing Atomos Ninja 2

    00:03:59 Transmitting HDMI Signal and Timecode

    00:04:30 Delivering Sound from HDMI Signal to External Recorder

    00:06:05 What is Atomos Ninja 2? (How it records)

    00:06:50 Two codecs of Ninja 2 and what works best for you

    00:09:24 Storage explained

    00:10:35 ProRes codec explained

    00:11:46 Internal recording signal vs External recording signal

    00:12:56 Ninja 2 as field monitor (Peaking)

    00:13:50 Aperture Adjustment explained (Zebra)

    00:14:38 False Color

    00:15:00 Watch, edit and export recordings using Ninja 2

    00:15:36 Difference between footage recorded on 4:2:0 and 4:2:2

    00:16:40 Sample color enhancement

    00:18:13 Menu selection and adjustments in 5D Mark III before attaching to HDMI device

    00:20:15 Attaching Hard Drive to Ninja

    00:21:02 Setting up Ninja 2 for the first time

    00:25:32 How to record externally only on Ninja 2 (Magnification tricks)

    00:27:49 Tips when recording longer footage using Ninja 2

    00:28:49 Ports, Power source and Battery options of the Ninja 2

    00:30:03 Using a wireless transmitter for the audio system (Audio recording explained)

    00:31:20 Using Zacuto Pincher to secure camera

    00:32:08 Using a Steadicam with the Ninja 2

    00:34:22 Canon and Atomos working together to create Ninja

    00:35:20 Product Price and content included with Ninja 2

    00:36:56 Availability of Ninja 2 and special deal from Atomos

    00:37:23 Hard Drive and HDMI Cable not included in the package

    00:37:33 What HDMI cable to use

    (cover photo credit: snap from the video)

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      Hi, could someone help explain how to just record to the Atomos Ninja 2 harddish without recording to camera’s memory card? I thought this could help record up to the length of the harddish capacity.

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