Adorama – Top of the line cinema cameras with 0% Financing for 24 months

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If you happen to be thinking about buying one of the Canon Cinema EOS cameras, Adorama has an option for you – 0% Financing for 24 months

Top of the line cinema cameras: 0% financing for 24 months

Canon EOS C500 Cinema EOS Camcorder Body


The Canon EOS C500 capitalizes on the groundbreaking ergonomic design of the EOS C300 camera, and offers a new Super 35mm, 8.85-megapixel CMOS image sensor, DIGIC DV III Image Processor and an expansive range of recording and output options specifically for 4K and 2K image acquisition. Addressing the discrete needs of cinema and TV, the EOS C500 offers two forms of 4K origination – productions can dynamically select DCI (SMPTE 2048-1:2011 standard) or the alternative television-centric Quad-HD (SMPTE 2036-1:2009 and ITU-R BT.1769 standards) source image formats – and output a selection of 4K, 2K and HD digital sampling formats.

The EOS C500 features uncompressed Canon RAW output for both 4K and 2K recording. The Canon RAW output is delivered to external recording systems via built-in dual 3G-SDI ports. Dual uncompressed HD-SDI out ports supports external live monitoring. HD or 2K content can be written to dual onboard CF cards simultaneously to provide proxy video for offline NLE systems.

Canon has collaborated with some of the most respected names in the industry to ensure the standardized 4K/2K output interfaces work with external digital recording units, portable and master monitors and color grading systems – affording maximum flexibility to production and post-production teams.

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