UPDATE on Magic Lantern 14bit RAW stream in LiveView – Demo video

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Luke Neumann has just posted this update (“14bit RAW “Video” on Canon DSLR’s with Magic Lantern | Neumann Films“) on the Magic Lantern 14bit Cinema DNG announcement that we shared earlier this evening. Luke is very excited and we can see some possibilities here – the question is how far will the Magic Lantern team be able to push the software? They've already done some amazing things!

See Luke's demo video below after this:

As you may have heard by now, we got our hands on the new Magic Lantern firmware for the Canon 5D Mark II and Mark III.  We are impressed, to say the least! This firmware is still in the early stages as we are only able to capture 10-14 fps for 1-2 seconds but we are confident that Magic Lantern will (like they always have) maximize the camera and it’s potential.

From Magic Lantern:  No mirror flip or shutter curtain movement; DNG silent pics for 5D2/5D3. This is a big deal for time lapsers who sometimes shoot 1000 or more shots in 1 sitting. This can significantly extend the life of their cameras. Also bodes well for RAW video in 14-bit RAW data in LiveView in the future.

Check out our H.264/RAW comparison video and download the DNG files for reference here.

Now – to buffer Luke's excitement, I also got this update from Magic Lantern just a short while ago:

Don't hold your breath for raw video, I've barely got 4fps.

So, we've got a way to go before we see 24fps, but who knows! The Magic Lantern team is doing some amazing things with the Canon EOS 5D Mark III even if they don't get us to 24fps.

UPDATE: Saturday morning, Alex has posted a few more updates in the Magic Lantern forums

Some things to clear up:

– It doesn't save CinemaDNG, but just plain DNG, copied from CHDK. They have been doing this for years.

– This will not improve rolling shutter at all.

– Don't hold your breath for raw video. 24fps at 1080p is unlikely IMO, even on 1000x cards.

– HDMI out doesn't help. Here's why: raw image buffer vs recorded with hyperdeck shuttle uncompressed. Ignore the overlays.

– In continuous mode I've got 4fps of raw data (not DNG, just the raw image buffer) on a 266x card. G3gg0 got 12.5fps of YUV422 video on the Lexar 1000x card.

– I was able to record around 30 frames in burst mode, at LiveView FPS (24, 25, 30, 50, whatever). It takes roughly 1 second of “recording” to RAM and then half a minute of saving the DNGs to card.

Nevertheless, I find this very useful as a fast burst mode for stills, or when you want to save shutter clicks or just avoid noise.

RAW “Video” on Canon DSLR's with Magic Lantern

[tentblogger-youtube YOLDDrfpFO8]

DNG files from Luke

Luke has also shared the DNG files – get them here.

You should also visit Luke's page as he has some additional screen grabs.

(cover photo credit: snap from Luke)

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