The “VideoLog” is back!

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One of the sections of cinema5D that was dearly loved was the “videoLog” — and it too has come over to planet5D — but unfortunately I've been wrangling with a programming team for the last month to get it back up and running.

Well, I can finally say that it is BACK!

And, it is on every page of the blog and the front of the planet5D forums – just in case you hadn't noticed!

Click on any of the thumbnails to watch and rate a movie

Click on any of the thumbnails to watch and rate a movie

What is the videolog?

The videolog is a place where you can submit movies, documentaries, test footage, or just about anything you've shot recently. The original intent was to share HDSLR shorts, but if you want to submit things from the newer video cameras to show off what they can do then please do! In fact, our first one is a Canon EOS C300 short.


If you don't have anything to submit, well, then you can sit back and watch! Plus, something you can't do on vimeo or youtube, you can submit a rating for each movie you watch!

And the movies are also posted in the videolog section of the forums – where you can comment and give feedback to the video's creator.

El El Frijoles

And, I'm very excited about the very first video that we've shared with the new videolog.

This was sent to me about a week ago and I liked it so much that I asked Jon Roemer if he'd do us the honor of being the first to submit to the new videolog.

It is shot on a Canon EOS C300 and has a very nice feeling to it. From Jon:

It is a great example of what one can do on their own with the Canon C300. This was shot by me with no crew at all. The editing/grading/post was done by me as well.

[tentblogger-vimeo 62826779]

Videolog is back!

So, there you go – you're welcome to submit anything you'd like… tho it is all reviewed by a human so please be patient if your video doesn't go online right away – especially with NAB next week!

(cover photo credit: snap from the video)


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