Switronix NAB 2013 New Products Press Release

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Switronix NAB 2013 New Product Releases

Westbury, NY – – Switronix is pleased to announce three new products at NAB 2013! If you are attending stop by and see us in Central Hall Booth# C11728.

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RECON MICRO_Switronix NAB 2013

RECON MICRO_Switronix NAB 2013

The Recon Micro is the newest edition to our Recon Wireless line.

An all SDI Wireless Monitoring Transmitter and Receiver system, the Recon Micro can transmit high-quality, encrypted HD video to any field monitor with a latency of less than 1 millisecond, making it ideal for real-time viewing. The transmitter includes one 3G-SDI input and a loop-through output, while the receiver features two 3G-SDI outputs for dual monitoring.

The scaled-down design of the Micro exceeds all others on the market. Designed from the ground up for wireless-transmitting HD from any camera to field monitors, the transmission is uncompressed and encrypted for safety. Furthermore, in case of interference with another RF system, its 5.1GHz~5.9GHz will automatically adjust frequencies.

J65 High Capacity Battery

J65 High Capacity Battery_Switronix NAB 2013

J65 High Capacity Battery_Switronix NAB 2013

The J65 battery can power any Sony HD camcorder accepting the BPU style battery packs, as well as being used with our new JP-MOD modular battery system.

The J65 battery features a 4-LED gauge and high capacity cells to withstand high current draws and multiple can be legally transported without restrictions under IATA, ICAO, and UN regulations.


JP MOD_Switronix NAB 2013

JP MOD_Switronix NAB 2013

Adding to our JetPack line, Switronix is pleased to announce their new JetPack modular battery system. The new JP-MOD allows you to connect and hotswap the J65 battery packs, offering a combined available capacity of 195wh. The shown BMCC version allows you to power the BMCC up to nine hours with three batteries connected and indefinitely using the hotswap feature.

The JetPack houses a power regulation board connecting to three LEMO outputs (5v, 7v, 12v) and a USB power connection. The JetPack offers all the power outputs you will ever need in a super compact design that can be mounted with any ¼-20 connection.

For the latest Products and Updates visit www.switronix.com

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