Sinbad makes special appearance on the planet5D show at NAB!

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The comedian Sinbad (IMDB) dropped in as a surprise guest on the last day of our planet5D NAB wrap-up shows!

It turns out that Michael Artsis had been tweeting with Sinbad for some time and he came out to NAB to get an eye on the new technologies at NAB.

Cool thing… turns out Sinbad reads planet5D! Now that is cool!

Sinbad live at NAB!

Here’s a snap from the show where Sinbad was telling everyone how he “hates” to come to planet5D to read because he ends up spending more money! HA!

Sinbad reads planet5D and spends too much money afterwards!

Sinbad reads planet5D and spends too much money afterwards!

Do you remember Sinbad?

I know some of the younger generations don’t necessarily know Sinbad, but my wife and I do – he’s pretty darn funny!

Do you think Sinbad is funny? Sound off in the forums!

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(cover photo credit: snap from the show)

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  1. Mike Moore

    Fan’s will remember Sinbad’s ability to fit in anywhere excellently displayed in the 1995 masterpiece “HouseGuest”. What a great guy to have in our “nerdy” community. Can’t wait to see him here in Detroit!

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