Red Rocket Travel Slider by Nice Industries

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Our friends over at Nice Industries (they're the makers of the Aviator Travel Jib) have another project under way… The Rocket Travel Slider… please give it a look!

Red Rocket Travel Slider by Nice Industries

Red Rocket Slider

Red Rocket Slider

The Red Rocket Slider gives you super-smooth, professional dolly shots up to 10 feet long anywhere in the world, and it sets up in minutes! 2 foot slider? 4 foot? 6 foot? 10? No problem for the Red Rocket.

The Red Rocket Base Kit weighs just 3 ½ lbs. (supporting loads up to 45 lbs!) and compacts down into a deluxe padded case about the size of a shoe box. It easily supports high-end pro cameras like the Epic, Sony F55, HDSLR’s, Blackmagic Cinema Camera and more. Even a fully-rigged Aviator Travel Jib.

Grab and Go with Red Rocket Travel Tracks. At just over 2lbs, this nearly 6-foot-long set of carbon fiber rails compacts down to just 24 inches. And it includes a high-end padded bag. Remote locations, or just across town, The Red Rocket is always there.

Thanks to custom wheels made from a proprietary blend of polymers, The Red Rocket also works great with EMT pipe available at most hardware stores. 10 feet costs just $6.49 at my local store. So if you need a 2-foot, 3-foot, or 5-foot slider, just buy one pipe for $6.49 and have the store cut it for you. You’re no longer tied to one size slider. Want a beautiful 10 foot slider shot? $13 gets a set of tracks and a shot you could only get with dollies costing thousands of dollars.

If you’re flying to a location just bring along the base kit. Once you land, stop at the local hardware store and for a couple of dollars you are good to go. No more lugging tons of gear and paying oversize baggage fees.

What makes The Red Rocket so great?

Sliders and dollies help you tell your story with beautiful camera moves.

Unlike dollies that are heavy, large, expensive, and a big hassle to set up, The Red Rocket is super portable, lightweight, compact, and affordable. And unlike sliders where the size you get is the size you are stuck with, you can transform your Red Rocket slider into any length up to 10 feet with just a trip to the hardware store. Or use the Travel Tracks and stuff a set of 6 foot tracks in your carry on bag!

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