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New motorized slider – OliviaTech Motorroid by Varavon

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Getting you started before NAB on new gear — get fired up! This one is a special edition motorized slider by Varavon called the OliviaTech Motorroid… and here’s Olivia to tell you more!

OliviaTech Motorroid by Varavon

For the OliviaTech Motorroid, Varavon will be giving all customers 24% off of their purchase on this product at the Varavon website. The retail value of the Motoroid + Slidecam LITE800 at Varavon.com is currently around $650, however if you purchase the OliviaTech Motorroid (that is the complete motor + slider kit), you will automatically receive the 24% off of your purchase.

Slider – The OliviaTech Motorroid comes with the Slidecam LITE800 32? steel roller bearing slider. The trolley on this slider has a payload capacity of 6 – 13 lbs. and is equipped with a breaking system and bubble level. There is a 3/8? male screw on the trolley for attaching standard fluid or ball heads.

Motor – This motor is has Variable speeds controlled by a dial. You can also adjust the speed of the ramp. This means that if you want to accelerate or slow down your start or stop, you can control these with the dedicated speed control dial. At the fastest speed setting, the motor will carry the trolley 32? in 20 seconds. At the slowest setting, the motor can carry the trolley 32? in 5.3 minutes. The maximum load capacity is approximately 6.2 lbs. at a 90º angle.

The saddle that carries the slider’s trolley can be secured with the provided phillips screw.

The saddle that carries the slider’s trolley can be secured with the provided phillips screw.

(cover photo credit: snap from the video)

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