Necrophilia: A Love Story by Michael Millichamp

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I met lots of fascinating people at NAB this year – one of them was in the Wooden Camera booth – Tiffany Upshaw – a young lady studying film who was very eager to meet me and chat. She shared with me lots of her excitement and a couple of her projects she's worked on with fellow students (look for those to pop up in the planet5D videolog soon I hope).

Right now, she and her friends are prepping to work on this kickstarter film (assuming it gets funded of course) that will be shot on the RED Scarlet.

Here's what Tiffany sent:

in a few weeks I will be helping out on a short film called Necrophilia: A Love Story. A whole bunch of people I went to college with are going to be working on it. We also have the composer from Dead Island doing the score for the film. And possibly the colorists from Rust and Bone with be doing the color. We are trying to get it funded through Kickstarter currently. It is such an interesting new idea for a short story, don't let the name scare you away. We shot the first opening scene a few weeks ago.

The kickstarter trailer is one of the most gripping I've seen in a while so I wanted to get this in front of you for your consideration and possible funding.

Necrophilia: A Love Story

Necrophilia: A Love Story is a short script about a man and a woman who are given a second chance. Well, kind of… Here's the official plot:

Mitchel, a lonely and depressed recluse, decides to dig up the grave of his deceased ex-girlfriend, Emily, to spend one last moment with her. When he digs her up, he some how brings her back to life and, with their love stronger than ever, they decide to make it work for good! The only problem is, she is rapidly decomposing.

Necrophilia: A Love Story, at the core, is a story about second chances at romance and how things are never exactly the same when you try again.

About Michael Millichamp

My name is Michael Millichamp and I am an award winning director with a passion of making movies. It started when I was 15 making flip books in science class, which progressed into making claymation videos in art class, which led to winning multiple UIL events and winning STATE recognition 2 years in a row, which got me an MTV scholarship from AIGA World Studio Scholarship Foundation, which allowed me to go to college and making countless short films.

I was only 22 when I made that short film and I was competing against professionals nationwide. It was a shock when we were picked by Michael Cioni, CEO of LIGHT IRON, to be in the top 10, but it was even more of a shock when we were hand picked by Jarred Land, President of RED Digital Cinema, and Jim Jannard, Founder of RED Digital Cinema, to win 2nd place!

Watch Michael's winning short film below:
[tentblogger-vimeo 40549815]


Here are just a few:

* For 25 dollars, you can get a digital download of the film upon it's completion!

* For 175 dollars you can get this amazing custom printed poster, signed by anyone you want on the crew!

Custom designed poster by René Aigner, an independent artist

Custom designed poster by René Aigner, an independent artist

* The rewards go all the way up to 1,500 dollars, which give you EXECUTIVE PRODUCER credit and tickets to any film festival we go to!

* And so much more!

To learn more about this Kickstarter project, visit

(cover photo credit: snap from the Kickstarter post)

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