NAB 2013 from FreshDV – K5600 Daylight AND Tungsten balanced HMI lights

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planet5D is pleased to share coverage of NAB 2013 from FreshDV/nofilmshool.

For live coverage, please be sure to watch – planetMitch and Michael Artsis will be on M/T/W from 5-6pm PDT

K5600 had some really cool updates at NAB 2013. There are a couple fixture updates, but the really cool announcement was the new tungsten-balanced bulb that works in the new HMI fixtures. It gives you the same output as the HMI daylight-balanced bulb, but in a tungsten color temperature. And their new two-light 200-watt kit (equivalent to 800-watts in tungsten terms) is an incredible value. Very cool.

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