F-Stop Academy: 4K recording for Sony NEX-FS700 (two options)

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Note: Here's a post from Den Lennie of F-Stop Academy

After hinting that we might see something soon, Sony have officially released their 4K recording path for the FS700.

4K recording for Sony NEX-FS700

4K recording for Sony NEX-FS700

In addition and rather unexpected Convergent Design have been granted a licence to provide an external recording path for the FS700 using their new Odyssey7Q

Convergent Design Odyssey7-and-7Q

Convergent Design Odyssey7-and-7Q

OPTION 1 – Sony

With an optional firmware upgrade the NEX-FS700E will output 4K bitstream data over 3G HD-SDI. The HXR-IFR5 interface unit has a 3G HD-SDI input and will produce the 4K RAW data to record onto the Access Memory Card in the AXS-R5 Recorder.

OPTION2 – Convergent Design Odyssey 7Q due to ship in Mid July

Will record 2k raw output 240fps continuously for 45 minutes using 2 x 960GB
And 4K up to 30fps.

Convergent Design Odyssey 7Q

Convergent Design Odyssey 7Q

Go to F-Stop Academy to read full blog post.

(cover photo credit: snap from F-Stop Academy)


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