CineVise, New Product from Cinetics! Get a firm grip on just about anything

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This new CineVise from Cinetics makes yet another cool add on to their complete system based on the GorillaPod – other possible options are suction cups and wheels – which we've highlighted before here on planet5D: “daily planet5D #12 – cinesquid” and “CineSkates Camera Sliders – a success before they’re off the ground“.

They launched a couple of years ago as a hugely successful kickstarter project and it is so much fun to see them grow and expand! Congratulations to the Cinetics team!

Press release

Introducing our newest product, CineVise, available as a set of three vise grips or a complete system including the GorillaPod Focus tripod and Ballhead X. CineVise turns your digital camera into a pro-style rig allowing you to clamp down securely where a normal tripod just won't do the trick. CineVise can hold most any camera, so you can look forward to secure attachments while making your moving pictures. Order today from our Store! There are only 100 available in the first wave. Use the coupon code OURONLYVISE for $25 off CineVise at check-out!

CineVise System

CineVise System

CineVise continued

A GorillaPod Focus and a ballhead are required and not included with this item. Click here to check out a ready-to-go bundle that includes the GorillaPod Focus and Ballhead X.

CineVise System

CineVise System | CineVise's soft side, hugging a tree!


Beyond Ordinary

Go where no camera has gone before! Hang your camera off the side of a bridge, or attach it to the top of a wind sail; you can be sure it will stick with CineVise.

CineVise System

CineVise System

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