An 11 year old making movies! “Me & Ewe” by Trinity & Barry Andersson

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Now, here's a project I hope you can get involved in – an 11 year old who's making some amazing stop motion movies with her DSLR!

Our good friend Barry Andersson's daughter turns out to be a stop motion monster! She loves to make stop motion movies and she's running a kickstarter project to finish up her current project – and any funds over the funding will go to the next project – a full length stop motion feature!

Pretty amazing for an 11 year old!

Don't let the fact that her “goal” has been reached stop you – as I said, any additional monies will be put to good use on her full-length stop motion feature!

Make sure you watch the update Trinity has posted as well as her facebook project page.

Boy meets girl; Ram meets Ewe; It's all the same

While watching this, make sure you notice how amazing their set work is! That's indeed real grass!!!

Me and Ewe is a stop-motion short that was created by an 11 year old director, Trinity Andersson. Trinity has had a passion for filmmaking before she could even say the word “Action”. She started putting her Playmobil figures and toys into movies as a toddler. She advanced to creating dozens of stop-motion films and has been committed to learning the process of moviemaking in earnest for years, She spends countless hours working with stop-motion software, working out motion shots, shooting movies with her friends. She has even attended a week long Steadicam training class.

This short film is the culmination of her efforts in filmmaking and a testament to her persuasive skills in putting together a story and the team to tell it. She wanted to tell a physical action sheep love story and recruited her father, a director, to co-direct and her mother, a writer, to fashion the story. After the story was formed and an initial team assembled, the search for the sheep actors began. The look of the sheep was very important to us and we looked at what seemed like endless websites and figures looking for the right sheep. We found the perfect “actors” that are created by Colin Richmond out of South Carolina. After speaking to him on the phone, he mailed us two trial sheep with the legs and head loosely attached. A local artist was able to dissect the sheep and add an advanced articulation system for the legs and head.

(cover photo credit: snap from the video)

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