What would you do with a LensBaby and two rolls of film? See what Vincent Laforet did

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I had the pleasure of knowing Vincent Laforet for almost 4 years now, and reading his latest blog post is really quite a pleasure and I wanted to make sure you saw it. We're including a piece of it below and would suggest you support Vincent by visiting his blog to read the rest.

He was challenged by a Kai over at DigitalRev to shoot with a LensBaby Composer and a Canon A2E with two rolls of film. Have a look at the video and then read Vincent's blog.

Vincent Laforet, Cheap Camera (Lens) Challenge

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In typical Pro Tog, Cheap Camera Challenge fashion, we take one pro tog and give them a cheap bit of equipment to use for a shoot. This time, we have got perhaps the most influential photographer of our time: Vincent Laforet. He's well-known for his tilt-shift work, but what happens if we give him a cheap tilt-shift challenge?

In a fast moving world… We could all do with a roll of 36 exposures

From Vincent's blog

I’ve been thinking a lot lately. About everything. The business. Our "craft" and the economics and sustainability of what we do as creatives in this ever changing world. But that’s for a later post perhaps, and I always tend to think too much anyway…

Sometimes the best things in life are simple. Trying to keep things simple or "basic" in our technology-driven times seems to be getting more difficult every year, if not by the minute.

In this case it was a "Cheap Camera" challenge that lead me to shoot with a Canon A2E, a LensBaby lens, and two rolls of film – the subject of the video below.

A chance meeting with Kai and the folks at DigitalRev was made possible by a tweet, during what was originally meant to be a short connection between flights in Hong Kong that I decided to turn into a 3 day visit on my way back home from a job in Bali.

I can tell you it was terribly refreshing to shoot film. We had no plan. No script, no storyboards or teams of folks working on a crew. We didn’t even know where to go, nor have anything set up to shoot. This was my last day in Hong Kong and the only deadline was a flight at 11:45 p.m. that very evening. That gave us a healthy 4 hours to shoot 72 exposures on good old celluloid. No LCDs to "chimp" with a term we use to describe the act of looking at a rear LCD and jumping up and down and showing your friends as you see a nice photo…   

Read the rest! via In a fast moving world… We could all do with a roll of 36 exposures « Vincent Laforet's Blog.

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(cover photo credit: snap from the video)


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