Update on Canon EOS 5D Mark III freeze petition – the good and bad news

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A few weeks ago we told you about the problem with some Canon EOS 5D Mark IIIs freezing and the petition to Canon to fix it in this post: “Canon 5D Mark III HDSLRs freezing during video recording? sign petition!

Max has sent us an update you can see below:

The good news and the bad news

>>> Good news:

As a proof of success of current 216 signatures under the petition, Canon started promptly fixing cameras that are sent to Canon Service centers by affected owners replacing FOR FREE a particular part number CG-3158-000 which is named in the supporting post-service papers as “PCB ASS’Y, MAIN”, known in real world as “a main board”.

I have supporting documents proving that this part number was replaced in two affected cameras of customers of at least two different markets – Australia and USA.

>>> Bad news:

To me, replacing a faulty main board means a lot, to be honest – I guess they assemble these cameras on production lines of a very big scale. Hence, there should be hundreds if not thousands of faulty main boards waiting for their D-day inside cameras of their unaware owners.

After receiving this information earlier this week, I sent an email to my local Canon contact requesting them to confirm if the main board was also at fault in the only sample of 5Dmk3 that they mentioned having inspected earlier. I have not received any answer as yet, and this may mean they are either waiting for more cameras brought for inspection to verify if the main board is the cause, or they simply ignored me, as “no comments” strategy works a treat for a big fish when numbers of protesters are lower than numbers of products affected.

Take the Survey!

>>> Global (but simple) survey of 5Dmk3 serial numbers:

I have a strong belief there was a batch of early produced 5Dmk3 that had faulty main boards installed. To prove this, I’ve created a simple 3 field online survey to collect serial numbers of ANY 5Dmk3 cameras that you guys happen to own out there.

I’d like to encourage every 5Dmk3 owner to participate in this survey ASAP.

If you own one or more 5Dmk3 bodies, follow the link below and put down the bodies 12-digit serial numbers to relevant box (faulty or non-faulty) – this will help us to verify if there’s a correlation between the serial numbers known and the occurrence of the freeze phenomenon.

Questions-concerns – PM me, please.

P.S. And keep sending your cameras to Canon Service centers to get main boards replaced!


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