The last roll of Kodachrome – what would you shoot with the last 36 frames?

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I found this on youtube yesterday and wanted to share it… a very poignant story about Steve McCurry's personal project to use the very last roll of Kodachrome off the production line.

I'd sure have a hard time deciding what to shoot with this monumentally significant last roll of Kodachrome – and from the film, it is obvious that Steve had trouble with it too.

Steve McCurry is very well known and is probably most famous for this cover shot from National Geographic:

Screen grab of the famous Afghan Girl National Geographic cover shot by Steve McCurry

Screen grab of the famous Afghan Girl National Geographic cover shot by Steve McCurry

National Geographic: The Last Roll of Kodachrome

[tentblogger-youtube DUL6MBVKVLI]

Note: it was uploaded in only 360p – I wish it was a bit higher res.

What would you shoot?

After going thru the documentary above, I watched this brief speech that Steve gave when he turned some prints from the roll over to the Eastman House… [tentblogger-youtube qYwvokjYSxw]

My reaction? After seeing them and to hear him say he had several shots left just before getting the roll developed, it seems a bit strange the way he ended shooting the roll. I sort of expected it to be more dramatic and not just be ‘what can I shoot in the next 4 hours' — but then again, that's probably the way I'd be as I'm not a very good planner.

What would you shoot?

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(cover photo credit: snap from the video)


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  1. Did you notice that, in McCurry’s self-portrait, the sign on the taxi reads PKR?

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