Need a script? Have trouble writing your own material? Dr Script can help

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Ever have a problem writing a script? I know I'm not very good at it and maybe you're in the same boat. Maybe you have a great idea but don't know how to get it on the screen and you know the killer script would fit the bill.

We got this press release the other day from Peter Schmidt about Dr-Script. We haven't used the service but thought you might like to know it is out there! is a short film script writing service is a short film script writing service

DR-SCRIPT – MEDIA RELEASE is a short film script writing service for film-makers ready to direct narrative fiction, the kind of work submitted to short film festivals around the world.

It’s a simple pathway for film makers to progress to a fully completed script ready for shooting that expresses their unique creative voice.

It’s based on the idea that everyone has movies that inspire them. The film-maker nominates up to three favorite films and production budget (micro, small or medium) using a briefing form on the site.

Dr Script then delivers 3 loglines inspired by the nominated films, in a similar tone and genre and written with the available budget in mind.

The loglines are free. If the film-maker decides to proceed, they select one of the loglines and Dr Script will develop a professionally written short film script in around 2 weeks, for less than the cost of a professional lens.

Dr Script answers the question ‘what kind of short film do I want to make?’ and is an ideal service for film makers who would like to direct cast and tell filmic stories.

Directing and writing are two very different skill sets. As an interpretive artist, the director is not necessarily skilled at script writing and can become easily lost in an endless cycle of rewrites. By using antecedents a director can discover his or her creative voice and start shooting quickly.

The Dr Script website has all the information film-makers need to get started including a blog that discusses aspects of directing fiction including topics like ‘casting' and ‘finding your creative voice'.

There are 4 sample scripts on the site and also a section entitled ‘Logline Heaven’ which has many pre-built loglines ready for an immediate start.

Dr Script is an initiative of Peter Schmidt, who lives and works in Sydney and holds a Post-Graduate Diploma in Screenwriting at the Australian Film Television & Radio School (AFTRS). He has directed high-end TVCS and branded entertainment for 25 years.

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