“Impressions” gives a good impression for the Canon EOS 5D Mark II

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Seth Laird sent me his film “Impresssions” (IMDB) that he shot on the Canon EOS 5D Mark II as well as some behind the scenes info and pix. I enjoyed this a lot and thought you might want to watch as well. It was selected for some festivals and won an award so we congratulate Seth and the team!

Impressions - Film Fest Poster

Impressions – Film Fest Poster


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Seth Laird sent us this:

Seth Laird staring in "Impressions"

Seth Laird staring in “Impressions”

A short film dramedy titled IMPRESSIONS just completed it's twelve month film festival run. The micro-budget short film garnered five official selections and won the Nevada Film Festival's Golden Reel Award. The story revolves around Luke played by Seth Laird and Olivia played by Leesen Ley. The two meet unexpectedly and find out that despite their many differences share a common bond.

Filming thru the windshield

Filming thru the windshield

Leesen Ley and cameraman in the car in "Impressions"

Leesen Ley and cameraman in the car in “Impressions”

IMPRESSIONS was shot using the Canon EOS 5D Mark II along with a full camera package. The camera's light weight and crystal clear HD picture provide the best quality possible for internet streaming as well as theater screening. As an indie filmmaker the capabilities of the 5D camera make it much more possible for a film with a tight turnaround to finish on budget. The film's production spanned four full days of shooting at several locations in the city of Los Angeles and surrounding counties.

Team filming a basketball scene from "Impressions"

Team filming a basketball scene from “Impressions”

"Impressions" the audio guy

“Impressions” the audio guy

What was your “impression” of the short?

Sorry for the bad pun, I just couldn't let that one pass! What did you think?

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(cover photo credit: snap from the poster)


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