Comparing the Blackmagic Cinema Camera vs Red Scarlet vs Sony F5

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BMCC vs Red Scarlet vs Sony F5

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Sony has released their F5 and F55 cameras and I wanted to see how they performed. I was also very interested in the Black Magic Cinema Camera and wanted to see what that camera was all about. Luckily, my local rental house had all of these cameras.

BMCC vs Red Scarlet vs Sony F5

[tentblogger-youtube AI9E8RDkYwg]

We were able to sit down with the new Sony F5, BMCC, and the RED for a little while with the guys at DC-Camera to chat about the real world uses and frustrations that you might run into with each camera. This isn't necessarily meant to be a camera test or a shoot out, but more so a comparison and introduction to each camera and what to expect when renting or using for the first time.

My passion comes from cameras and gear so I wanted to document my experience using the cameras for the first time.

We put the cameras into situations we run into while shooting to see how they performed and what it was like to operate the cameras.

Special thanks to DC Camera ( for letting us test these cameras at their warehouse.

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