Canon EOS 5D Mark III “cuts the veil” between sharpness and moire

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I remember the day we proved that the Canon EOS 5D Mark III could be sharp and not moire (like the Canon EOS 5D Mark II).

It was April 2012. We were teaching a workshop at the Palm Springs Photo Festival. One of our students had one of the first Mk III's and we wanted to see if it handled the moire problem of the MK II.

So we put the Canon EOS 5D Mark III on a jib arm, floated it up above the talent and checked to see if the mosquito netting's mesh was rippling color variations (moire). Check it out for yourself. Look at the detail in the top left of frame and the sharpness of her nose. (see shot below).


The 5d Mk III passed the moire test with flying colors.  We held focus from a close-up of the woman's face, booming up to the wide shot. Here's the full video. [tentblogger-vimeo 53117514]

The rest of our students used the Mk II to shoot through the mosquito netting, but out of focus. (see below)

Sun through a reflector and blue gel. (shot at Palm Springs Photo Festival workshop)

(above) This lighting set up was the sun bouncing off a reflector through diffusion and a blue gel. (shot at Palm Springs Photo Festival Workshop – Orchard House)

The locations at the Orchard House let our students get some aesthetic looks:


(Lighting was a shiny board through blue gel, through the window, several fresnel lights through black wrap & a candle-lit bath. Canon 5D Mark II.                                                     (shot at Palm Springs Photo Festival)

Fire by the pool at the PSPF

(above) Shooting with the Mk III's ISO 2500 – Fire by the pool at the PSPF

Now, it's a year later.  Canon promises 4:2:2 color space coming right out of the HDMI port.  We're 99% sure we'll be demonstrating that at this years Palm Springs Photo Festival workshops.

(Be warned!  What follows is a SHAMELESS PLUG.)

Spring is just around the corner and it's time to get your aesthetic, creative juices flowing again. The Palm Springs Photo Festival is a confluence of creative vibrations.   Dinner at night under the stars…pleasant resort weather….sharing stories and insights and breakthroughs with other photographers and filmmakers….It  is just the ticket to shake off the doldrums of winter.

I will be teaching DSLR filmmaking (Basic and Advanced) workshops.   It's hands-on training…all about you mastering more DSLR filmmaking skills. (CLICK HERE to see last year's students' film, ‘ESCAPE‘, which was all shot in a day.)

But be warned, last year there were a number of nude lighting workshops next to our workshops.  We had a hard time keeping our student's focused.  In fact, we lost one student.

Class sizes are limited so please register now to treat yourself to creative and fun experience.

If PSPF slots are filled (or you're not available for the PSPF), there will be another Lighting Workshop for DSLRs May 25th and 26th at The Association's studios near Warner Brothers in Burbank, Ca at a slightly higher price. For more info on that click here.

(cover photo credit: snap from Fletch)

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Fletch is the founder of the Cine Boot Camps and president of The Association, a film and video production company a block from Warner Brothers in Burbank, California. has a schedule of upcoming bootcamps. Fletch has won two Emmys and filmed in 20 countries. His first doc won the Chicago Film Festival and his last was featured on Oprah.

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