Blackmagic Camera shoots Feature Film

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Hero Punk,” an upcoming feature film from writer and director Kanen Flowers and produced by Scruffy.TV, was shot using Blackmagic Cinema Camera!

They noted that:

  • BMCC's super wide 13 stops of dynamic range, high resolution 2.5K sensor, built in SSD recorder, open file format support and compact design were ideal for the workflow.
  • The BMCC handled the richness of the 1,100 sq. ft. green screen, the fidelity of the tracking markers and was flexible enough to support the run and gun workflow.
  • The team could pop out an SSD with ProRes and seamlessly copy it over to the editing system to edit on site, and the rough composites allowed them to stay on track with what they needed.
  • Shooting in ProRes 442 in a 10-bit color space against green screen, the team was able to easily capture tracking markers and correctly light the actors, preserving their natural look without requiring a tremendous amount of tweaking in post.
  • BMCC's ease of use, flexibility and ergonomics were essential to setting up new shots, experimenting with perspectives and numerous handheld and shoulder shots.
  • DaVinci Resolve will be used for color grading.

I'm excited to see how this film looks and feels once everything is completed.

Some production Stills:





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