A great report on shooting DSLR video with the Nikon D800 from Nice Lady Productions

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Here's a great video report on DSLR video with the Nikon D800 from our friend Kelly Conlin from “Nice Lady Productions” – I find her reports easy to understand and comprehensive.

You can find out whether she's really “nice” on her site and her blog

Shooting Video with the Nikon D800

[tentblogger-vimeo 62571696]

Her description:

Learn all about the D800 and D800e's video shooting capabilities and look at footage from this series of cameras. This video has relevant information for Nikon D4, D600 and D7100 camera users, as the video shooting settings are very similar. Please note: you can not change the Aperture in Live View Manual video mode on the D600 and D7100 cameras unless you use a lens with manual aperture on the lens, but you can on the D4 and D800/e.
Gear Shown:
Nikon D800 (link to B&H Photo):
Nikon D800e (link to B&H Photo):
X Rite Color Checker Passport (link to B&H Photo):
Bright Tangerine VIV Matte box:
Atomos Ninja-2 (link to B&H Photo):

(cover photo credit: snap from the video)


  1. Just came across this in my bookmarks is Nice Lady Productions still going?

    Have you done one of these reviews on the 810? I like what you did on the 800

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