the “new” planet5D forums are open – not just for DSLR video any more

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Let me be the first to welcome you to the “new” planet5D forums – and while I call them new (because they are different than the old planet5D forums), they really are the cinema5D forums moved over to planet5D.

The forums have actually been open for a couple of days – I wanted to make sure everything was working well before inviting you to come in and look at your new home.

And, this community isn't just about DSLR video any more, it is much bigger than that. While of course, many are still excited about HDSLRs, there are sections on the forums for all kinds of discussion from filmmaking to photography to all sorts of camera gear, editing and more!

Executive overview

  • Think of it as moving the cinema5D forums to new home
  • New look, but the family and their possessions are still there
  • Existing members will need to request a new password
  • New instant login tool – and instant registration for new users too
  • NO Trolls!
  • More than just DSLR coverage now!
  • Big prize giveaway coming soon!

Before I dive into the details, let me give you an analogy to set a bit of tone and expectation as I think this will really help you understand what is going on.

Moving to a new house

Imagine you and your family are moving to a new town. Your whole family. If you're single, just pretend with us for a moment.

When you move, you're getting a new home (or apartment) – and you're well aware that it is going to look different. It will have some different rooms, some different paint, etc. But it is still a house – it has a kitchen, family room, bedrooms, baths, etc. And for a while, there will be unpacking to do and getting familiar with where things are and fixing up a few things.

And, the people in your family are the most important part right? They came with you of course and they're all right there supporting the move. Tho maybe your teenage son isn't happy about leaving his favorite skate park in the other town, he's still coming along (maybe grudgingly but he's there).

That's exactly what is happened with the very active cinema5D forums (gosh you've got a big family!), you've moved over here to

So your entire family has moved and there are some new walls and some new paint on the walls but basically your family is there everything is intact.

Plus! You get to meet a great new bunch of people! There are plenty of planet5D readers who will be joining and contributing to the community. Just like moving to a new town, you've got new neighbors to get to know – how exciting is that?!

Why the move?

Over in the cinema5D forums last week there was a little bit of concern over why the move was happening in the first place. Well, the simple answer is that I was wanting some additional resources on planet5D for our readers, and Sebastian, the cinema5D owner, was wanting to move on to other things.

Coming back to the house moving analogy, just imagine that the head of the household was asked to be transferred by the company that he worked for and he agreed. Now I realize that some of the people and may not be happy about that choice but it's what is happening.

We have had a forum here for a couple of years, but it just hasn't had the ‘critical mass' to keep itself going as a vibrant community and cinema5D has always had that. Plus, I am full time on planet5D and have time to dedicate to helping the community revitalize itself.

It feels like a perfect fit for all parties!

What is different?

I made the decision to use a different forum software on the backend that is more secure and has some more options available to me which will help you in the long run. That means that the layout can't be exactly the way it was before. And when you're moving to new house You don't want to go look and feel of the new house to be the same anyway you wanted to have some something different; some new style!

So the new forums have more of the planet5D green color scheme and in my opinion, the fonts are a bit more readable (but maybe I'm just looking thru 55 year old eyes? HA).

The main forum structure, that is where all of the threads that you're used to going to read, is still there and mostly intact. The “camera menu” that was installed on cinema5D in a couple of sections has been removed at the user's request. It wasn't really working the way people wanted it to work. So we've moved all of those forums into sub-forums but I think you figure out where they are.

New login options

The new forums have a very simple way of logging in as well as you doing a new registration if you'd like to join. There are some icons at the top of the screen for logging in with Facebook Twitter and several other common sources.

I have a video to show you how to do the login and if you're a cinema5D member, it shows you how to request a new password and how to login and then associate the new Facebook and Twitter logins with your old ID (cinema5D members can skip to 2:38 and start watching from there if you want).

Fixing up the house

As when you move to a new house, there are things that need fixing and things to unpack etc. The same is true for this move.

Unfortunately, because of the new software, the avatars did not come over so you're likely going to want to put a new avatar on your profile. I'm sorry about that. I've put in about 50 default avatars that you can pick from that are movie related if that helps at all.

There may be a couple of other things that we discover well we're moving into our new home as well. It is been a quick transition so I don't think that I've found every little picky thing that isn't working right. I do know for example that some of the old forum threads that had embedded videos were converted to links to videos instead of embeds. You should be able to embed videos in new threads and posts from this point forward.

There's a thread on the forum where I will be posting updates about these kinds of things and other interesting features.


Right now, I don't have any advertisers signed up, but let's be realistic, there will be advertising. I personally would love to do everything without needing sponsors, but we all have to earn a living and to pay for that new house we just bought.

So, just because there aren't any ads there now, don't get too accustomed to it (sorry).

But the good news is that I'm planning on re-investing part of my portion of the revenue into paying for enhancements to the blog and to bring on paid writers to help me with the load! That'll be very good for everyone – more expertise and more knowledge being spread around.

So with that in mind, please consider the ads as an investment in the community's future!

Rules and treatment of trolls

Well the thing that is very common with forums – people get into flame wars where they think they can say nasty things about other people or companies. But I can tell you, but that is not going to be happening on these forums!

You've all heard the phrase, “if you don't have anything nice to say then don't say it at all” and I think that applies most of the time. Now that doesn't mean you can't have negative opinions, but you can say them politely!

We want a place where people can exchange constructive thoughts and ideas in a polite manner without hurting each other's feelings. There just isn't any need for that. Trolls are not going to be tolerated.

Here's a section of the new policies you agree to when you log in:

“we're serious about the “abusive, vulgar, hateful, harassing, obscene, profane” part of the rules below! We run a polite ship around here. You're free to voice your opinion whether it be positive or negative, but please be polite about it! We do NOT condone bashing of other individuals tho. If we feel you've stepped over the line, we'll deal with you quickly.”

I've watched a recent discussion where people felt they could say mean things about another individual – and when confronted, they said they didn't do anything wrong and it isn't in their nature to be polite nor do they have to. Well, those kinds of folks can find another place to enjoy.

Moving on… I hope I beat that one to death :)

More than DSLR video

The DSLR video revolution is by no means dead, it is still growing! People are finding new and different ways to use DSLRs for all kinds of shooting. Plus, there's a segment of people who are moving on to different cameras and we've got the threads to cover you as well!

The great thing about forums is that they're community driven… so any time you feel there's a need for some additional sections of the site to discuss something not well covered, then let's discuss it!

Get started!

As you can see, while the ‘house' has changed, the family in the house is still intact and can now look for many more improvements in the house over the coming years. And, you'll be adding new family members as well!

Getting into the forums is easy – just go to planet5D forums and do the quickie registration shown in the video above. We'd love to have you!!

Please let me know if you have any questions!

And Welcome Home!

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