{ loop } – a new Panasonic GH3 short and Canon EOS 5D Mark III side by side comparison

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Alex Serban has created a very nice short with his Panasonic GH3 and has also done some testing and comparison with the Panasonic GH3 and the Canon EOS 5D Mark III which he has graciously shared with planet5D.

Don't miss out on the “quiz” he's done below to see if you can tell the difference between the Canon EOS 5D Mark III and Panasonic GH3 footage – make sure you turn CAPTIONS OFF so you don't get hints before you watch. Be sure to post your thoughts in the comments!

First, here's the short { loop } : [tentblogger-vimeo 57787912]

{ loop } description


Do we know when senses play tricks on us? Is it in our mind, are we dreaming or is it really happening?

{ loop } is a short narration, a senses circle, the sort of strange experience when thoughts are jumping from here to there and it seems like they don’t belong to you… and you don’t know where you came from, where you are or where to go to…

// about { loop }

Being a small and interesting camera, we thought that this is a sort of “indie-dream-camera” and have decided to make a short film. How else could we figure out if it’s any good? 🙂

Our main idea was to make something low budget, with a small crew and less light gear, but to focus as much as possible on storytelling.

So this is what we got: one actor, 3 locations, one gh3 and one camera operator, a tripod, a monopod and a slider, 2 assistants, some lights, sound gear, and thick clothes and gloves.

Budget: some gas, 2 bottles of wine, ingredients for fake blood and a big pizza

/ titles:

starring: Bogdan Zaharia

camera & color grading:  Alex Serban

editing & sound design: Alex Serban, Cosmin Serban

sound editing: Cosmin Serban

field assistants: Cosmin Serban, Sergiu Zavragiu

script: Alex Serban, Cosmin Serban, Bogdan Zaharia, Andreea Nedelea

music:  Vaho So – Pinophyta, Bryophyta, Oda;  CC from jamendo.com

tech: Panasonic GH3 + Pana 14 2.5 and with a Canon to MFT cheap adapter:  Sigma 20 1.8, Samyang 35 & 85 1.4, Sigma 50 1.4, Canon 100 2.8 L IS macro; for sound: Azden FMX 32 + SGM-2x, Zoom H2n

a srbn.ro film

Panasonic GH3 tests

Alex wrote up his experiences with the gh3… here is just a small snippet of his post:

// GH3 impressions:

The GH3 handled the cold bravely (-2 to -10 degrees C) – we managed to film the whole day with just one battery (partially charged during he lunch break). It did a great job in the 2 square meters shed, it got nice, clear images at low ISO and good light, but quite noisy in the shadows, in the underexposed images and at ISO over 500. It was very difficult to handle with gloves and we kept on pressing buttons by mistake because some are positioned on the thumb rest. The rec button doesn’t give you any feedback when you press it.

As usual with a camera, what you see on paper it’s different from what you experience in the field. It was a hard test for us and the camera in not so friendly conditions, but we managed to finished the project. Here are the main downsides of the GH3:

when you flip the LCD a few degrees up or down it has a green tint – you must look into the display straight, otherwise the white is greenish.
– brightness of the screen: no matter what mode I choose, A* or 1* or 2*, it's full auto and it's flickering when I move the camera or flip screen; it should have an auto and a manual brightness scale, in steps (like Canon for example!)
LCD displays blacks really awkward: for example I was filming a man with a beard, ISO 200, f2, 1/50 – the beard was dead black, then it was dull gray, then green, then gray and then skin color like; on the final file in quicktime it looks ok (dark beard, then shades of gray, then softly into skin tone orange) but on the camera it looks really bad.

in low light, although I was shooting at low iSO – 200, 400, on the LCD it looked really noisy (like ISO 6400 or so)… the final file is pretty fine, but on the camera it looks different: this makes manual focusing in low light almost impossible as everything is blurry and fuzzy.
also, you set up the white balance and set up exposure until you like what you see; but when you hit REC the color and exposure slightly shift… why is that?

and what I see on the EVF and the LCD are 2 completely different stories, on rec and on playback mode… all this brings me the constant frustration on the field that my images look bad. in fact they look good, but I hate the feeling when I'm shooting.

and yes, we know you can use an external monitor, but that defies the whole point of being compact and discreet.

the microphone volume works… weird… it has no AGC and it seems that the manual is a sort of automatic with compensation… and why can't you change the volume, while filming, without touchscreen? with gloves it was a pain to work with.

read more about his Panasonic GH3 experiences on his blog!

Panasonic GH3 / Canon 5D mark III quick / quiz /quality test

[tentblogger-youtube 8qLJ5Oc5adM]

Pansonic GH3 ISO & senzor 2.6x crop test

[tentblogger-youtube 6HTF_sSKK3E]

(cover photo credit: snap from the video)


  1. GH is too sharp for me and 5D too soft, but sharpening is within my possibilities, but how to kill over-sharp effectively I don’t know!

    1. Seriously? Try a blur filter. You can put the lens out of focus, or blur in post.

      It is much easier to blur something that is sharp than to sharpen something that is blurry. When it’s sharp you have lots of information to work with. When it’s blurry you have lost information. Sharpening filters are to be used sparingly and don’t always work.

  2. put stockings over the lens, use a fog or pro mist filter… many ways to get a softer look.

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