daily planet5D #56 – RØDE smartLav first look

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THERE WAS A PROBLEM WITH THE AUDIO UPLOADED TO YOUTUBE _ click the link above for the original file please!

This is our third installment of our look at the brand-new microphones from RØDE – today we are covering the new RØDE SmartLav!

I think this is going to be a very exciting announcement for many because they have iPhones and they haven a need to record audio. This very inexpensive ($60) SmartLav from RØDE will be quite a big hit!

I know many people are confused about which microphone to use for DSLR video, but if you're going to do an interview, then a Lav mic is the correct choice, and this new mic from RØDE will be the perfect fit if you already have an iPhone. Especially at this price point – $60 – it is a great mic, and a great option for recording! Heck, you can have several, and download the free RØDE Rec app (there is a paid version with more features) and install it on a groom's iPhone, or do a group interview and have all people mic'd!

RØDE smartLav first look

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  1. Tony Muzzatti

    This is great! I just posted about this the other day and there were so many questions from the crews! Thank you so much for taking the time to cover this new RODE product, I will direct those curious people to this post.

  2. Pier Giorgio

    Except your audio is distorted! That’s because you can’t monitor your audio levels. I’d go off with a zoom h1, people

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