Canon 5D Mark III HDSLRs freezing during video recording? sign petition!

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We've recently been notified that some Canon EOS 5D Mark III HDSLRs are showing signs of freezing while recording video clips and there's a petition to get Canon to admit there's a problem and to fix it.

Maxim Drygin has been writing us to let us know about this problem (frankly, it seems like only a small number of people are seeing it – but if you have it, it isn't pretty!) and he's sent in a lot of information. Initially it seemed like it happened to people recording long videos, but if you watch the two videos below, you'll see on this guy's camera, it takes only about 15 seconds!

But most importantly, here's the petition – please consider signing it.

Demo freeze video

Canon 5D MK3 freezing during video capture. Settings 1920×1080 24p ALL-I ISO 1600, 1/50, f1.4. Sandisk CF 90mbps card(also does it on SD 45mbps card) 35mm f1.4 lens

Max sent this too: “Alex from Magic Lantern team suggested The guy who recorded the lock-up freezing to install and run Magic Lantern alpha 3 software to see if it reports a card error. Steven did so, but still had the freeze occurring even with ML3 installed and reporting the card test was ok”


You have probably heard of many customers globally having problems with Canon 5Dmk3 camera freeze and lost files, both video and stills.

Also, here are some of a quite a few forums discussing this problem for your reference:

We need to draw your attention to us needing you to help us to get it fixed by Canon ASAP.

We can't afford losing our files any longer and using the gear that have a problem that is intermittent.

More info

More from Max:

Also, one of the 86 supporters as of now wrote me this today: “Hi Maxim Drygin an UPDATE just received a follow up call from Canon Australia regarding the camera freeze issue that i experienced almost a year ago. (I think your online petition is getting through!) The caller asked me a series of questions regarding the fault and mentioned several times they are investigating the cause, he also said they only have 2 known cameras that have been looked at (mine and another) so it is very difficult to assess with only 2 units. I found it weird that given all the online complaints that we have heard only 2 cams have been taken in :/ he left the conversation saying that he will keep me informed on any progress they make. Fingers crossed”.

Have you seen this problem?

There's also a thread at Canon Rumors who is collecting voices about the problem in a poll

(cover photo credit: snap from the video)


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