CameraMator App developer pulls app – buyers held hostage

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A few weeks ago, our good friend Ollie Dale gave you an in depth review of the Cameramator (see: “CameraMator? What the heck is that and does it control my camera wirelessly from an iPhone? A review“) but now Ollie has sent us some troubling news – it seems the CameraMator app has been removed from the Apple App store and now new buyers and the owners of CameraMator are being held hostage!

Please read the announcement and then our additional info below.

CameraMator App pulled from App Store

ATTENTION: The following information may concern you because you may have previously pledged to receive a CameraMator Kickstarter project reward


Sanho Sues Former Software Developer Partner Wooblue And Wooblue’s CEO Usman Rashid For Unlawful Removal Of CameraMator App From Apple AppStore And For Fraud And Breach Of Contract

FREMONT, CALIFORNIA (February 20, 2013) – Sanho Corporation (“Sanho”) – a leading designer and developer of electronics and electronics accessories – sued Wooblue, Inc. (“Wooblue”) and Wooblue’s CEO, Usman Rashid, for fraud, breach of contract, unfair business practices and other claims in a complaint filed today in Alameda County Superior Court.

“Sanho had no choice but to protect itself and Sanho’s customers after Wooblue and Rashid deliberately and wrongfully disabled the thousands of CameraMator products already in the hands of Sanho’s distributors and customers,” said Sanho President, Daniel Chin. No trial date has yet been set for Sanho’s complaint.

Wooblue and Rashid breached the parties’ development agreement for the CameraMator product and application, which is used with Sanho’s revolutionary Compact Universal Wireless Adapter, (“CUWA”).  Sanho’s patent-pending CUWA technology allows a device with a universal serial bus (USB) port (such as a computer, camera, or music player) to communicate wirelessly with other devices, such as a mobile phone or tablet computer.  Sanho’s claims arose after Wooblue and Rashid unlawfully removed the CameraMator application from the Apple AppStore and other similar markets.  Sanho’s complaint alleges that Wooblue and Rashid took that action knowing that it would harm Sanho’s relationships with its customers and distributors.

After Sanho announced its CUWA technology and made application kits available for developers, Rashid approached Sanho and sought to partner on the development and sale of the CameraMator product and application.  According to Sanho’s complaint, after sales of the CameraMator took off following its debut at the most recent CES and Macworld trade shows, Wooblue and Rashid tried to extort more favorable business terms from Sanho by holding Sanho’s customers hostage and taking down the CameraMator application rendering any unsold CameraMator products unusable. Further, by taking down the application, any owners of CameraMator products who did not download the application prior to Wooblue and Rashid removing the application from the AppStore will not be able to use the CameraMator product that they purchased.

Details of the Sanho vs Wooblue/Usman Rashid lawsuit can be found at:


Now that's a real bummer isn't it? While

If you read the court documents, you'll see that the makers of CameraMator (Sanho) have spent over $185,000 marketing this device only to have the app yanked off the App Store shelves! Yikes!

The disagreement (according to paragraphs 30-34) is due to the software developer of the App “becoming greedy” and wanting to re-negotiate their deal – and when they didn't get a new deal, they pulled the application from the App Store knowing it would totally kill all sales.

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  1. Just to clarify, the CameraMator app developer is the same person as the CameraMator Kickstarter project owner. Usman Rashid and his company, Wooblue, Inc. are the ones who pulled the CameraMator app and in the process sabotaged their own customers and Kickstarter backers (people like Ollie Dale) so that they can use it as hostage to extort their partner to give them more money. Sanho Corporation (HYPER) is the owner of the patent pending technology that made CameraMator possible. We (Sanho/HYPER) are also the manufacturing, sales, marketing and distribution partner that help bring CameraMator to the retail stores. Moving forward, Sanho/HYPER with over 8 years of photo accessories and consumer electronics experience, will develop our own app (which will be available in March 2013) and continue to support the CameraMator.

  2. Unfortunate circumstances and it’s probably an example of a situation where having to rely on software downloaded from an App Store in order for a product to operate properly is hit or miss. It’s not the developers fault.. it’s Apple not allowing software to be downloaded outside their app store. Sorry to hear about all of this. Sound like you guys have a back-up plan. I wish you luck.

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