What’s your moco? Cinevate adds motion control

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Cinevate continues to innovate – this week they’ve announced their new motion control unit called Moco. Teaming up with DitoGear, they’ve added some great motion to their slider lineup.

You might recall that last week Cinevate announced our brand new Axis Jib. Well, just one week later we have something even bigger to announce. After much anticipation our Motion Control slider add-on is finally here.

Moco is a sophisticated system that gives everyone, from experienced shooters to time lapse rookies, the ability to perform advanced camera movements across real-time, time lapse and stop motion modes. Moco gives operators an incredible amount of control while being user friendly for any level of user.

Moco works with all of our sliders and is available as an add-on kit for shooters who already own an Atlas or Pegasus system. The first production run of these units will be in limited supply so interested shooters should act fast.

Moco Promo

Moco delivers complete motion control for Cinevate’s revered line of camera sliders, infusing emotion into your story through time lapse, real time motion and stop motion – all with macro precision.
Moco comes with everything you need to equip your Cinevate Camera Slider for motorized slider operation. Shoot in real time with on-the-fly speed adjustment and dampening control or record and repeat moves for multiple takes and complex visual effects shots. Using Moco’s intuitive controller, programming time lapse, real time motion and stop motion has never been easier.

With Moco you don’t lose time swapping in and out a different motor for each motor function. The single servo motor handles all movements across all modes, while maintaining unparalleled precision. Moco boasts precision positioning to 0.1 mm.

Moco - Time Lapse Camera Sliders | Motorized Camera Sliders | Cinevate – Tools for Filmmakers and Photographers

Moco – Time Lapse Camera Sliders | Motorized Camera Sliders | Cinevate

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