Kahleem Poole sent us this quick test of the Blackmagic Cinema Camera where he’s provided the untouched video as well as a graded version so we can see the excitement he sees in the Blackmagic Cinema Camera.

So I was able to get my hands on the BMCC yesterday for about an hour from a local rental house. Really nice guys.

Anyhow, I filmed a quickie rooftop shoot using the DNxHD coded in film LOG mode. Thought you might want to see the results.

Blackmagic Cinema Camera– rooftop test (UNGRADED DNxHD)

Why Blackmagic Cinema Camera?

I asked Kahleem why the Blackmagic Cinema Camera was rocking his boat:

First and foremost, this camera has so many characteristics of Super 16 film. Depending on your diffusion, it can even match the highlights as well.

Its simple, easy to use, powerful and flexible. It has it quirks but every camera does. What it boasts in ability, it more than makes up for in few setbacks.

Well I used a few lenses from my EF adapted package (Nikkor AI mostly). So what I love most about the sensor is that it reveals all of the characteristics the glass has. For instance the crazy bloomy look w/ Jay walking away was the Nikkor 50mm wide open. Reminds me so much of super16 films like Beasts Of The Southern Wild.

Characteristics being revealed like that are what makes a cinematographer’s style show through. Lenses, filtration, color, etc. I’m just too huge of a fan of super16 film and cameras.

Touching on that, I believe this camera may end up being the new super16 camera. I’ll most definitely be using the M43 version for more lens versatility.

Don’t be overly shocked by the screen grab that vimeo put on his video – the video doesn’t really look that harsh to me.

BMCC rooftop test (GRADED DNxHD)

Kahleem’s reel

I thought it would be fun to include a bit of background for Kahleem – so here’s his “reel”

(cover photo credit: snap from the video)


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