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edelkrone’s SliderPlus just got longer! now comes in 2 sizes!

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We told you about the SliderPLUS a few weeks ago (here and here) and already there's a new version called the SliderPLUS XL that is 3 feet to go along with its baby brother – the SliderPLUS 2 foot version.

We've got a review of the 2 foot version coming shortly (tomorrow!) here on planet5D – so keep your eyes on the planet!

SliderPLUS+ now comes in 2 sizes!

edelkrone, – January 28 , 2013 – edelkrone has introduced a true innovation in to camera sliders category late last year and it was the first slider with the ability to move twice its total length. After insisting demand from its customers about a longer version, edelkrone is now introducing a new size option to its innovative slider system.

The new size option gives 3ft camera movement with a body just half of this length and it is called SliderPLUS XL.

The first announced length gave 2ft camera movement with 1 ft body.

The SliderPLUS’s XL version is priced 699 USD and can be purchased from store.edelkrone.com. The shipping of the products is planned to be in mid February.

SliderPLUS also has an extension port for a DC motor module for time lapse and motion control shots which will be announced later.


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  1. Just a warning to those purchasing this product, I got mine in the mail today and it was broken. The belt was snapped and the whole pc was locked and would not slide, basically the entire unit was not assembled correctly. To make matters worse it shipped with no instructions and the card that had the site where the instructions are located was a blank page. They want me to pay for having it shipped back to the Czech Republic and then I have to wait until they deem whether or not they are going to replace it. Also if of some reason they don’t receive this package they won’t refund me, so basically I just bought a $500 paper weight. I would advise everyone to not buy this product and to stick with Kessler who have real customer service and way better quality control. Now I must wait an additional 2 weeks assuming all goes well. Once again I seriously think Edelkrone should be held accountable for their actions and this sort of thing should not be acceptable in our community, we work hard for the gear we buy and their attitude is simply awful towards their defective products

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