Digital Convergence Episode 106: No Performance Enhancing Drugs Were Used

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Chris Fenwick balances Pepsi can

Chris Fenwick learns that you can balance a can of Pepsi on edge while recording another episode of the Digital Convergence Podcast

In this episode:

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CrumplePop's new iPad app: Dale Grahn Color

Speed Tests – Various Drives and Configs – by Chris Fenwick

Why 4K TVs are stupid (still) – (via CNET)

Blue Eyed Daisy Bakeshop at Serenbe, Georgia (winner of Cupcake Wars)

Chris Fenwick's video pick: America in Primetime

Chris Fenwick's Pick of the Week: FX Factory:

Ron Dawson's Pick of the Week: Xero – Beautiful Accounting Software

Ron Dawson's 3 Part Series on Final Cut Pro X:
Part 1: Could Final Cut Pro X Be The NLE of the Future?
Part 2: What To Watch Out For With FCPX
Part 3: My FCPX Workflow


Landscapes: Volume 3 by Dustin Farrell

Details on planet5D:


Flowers Timelapse by Katka Pruskova

Details on planet5D:


Michael Handrahan Remodeling Inc – A History of Building Success (Video by Darrin Fitzgerald)

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