Come and get your 1080 HD 60fps samples from the Canon EOS 1D C!

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Finally made time to upload some 1080 HD 60fps samples from the Canon EOS 1D C today – I put together this demo video as well so you can see them in action. If you have trouble (and are using FCPX – please see this “Canon EOS 1D C 4k video to FCPX ingest workflow for Mac” on how my workflow).

These samples are shot in Canon Log on the Canon EOS 1D C with a Canon EF 24-70mm f/2.8L II lens and some are with the Canon 24-105mm f/4L (since that's the size of the LightCraftWorkshop ND Fader filter size) – so you should have the most latitude to stretch your slowmo chops! You are welcome to download the samples and we'd all love to see how you'd use these samples! Please post a link in the comments when you upload your sample!

Do you have twixtor? How well do these samples hold up to even slower motion?

But, before I give you the download links, please watch this daily planet5D episode where I show some of the area in LA where I filmed them as well as the conformed samples themselves.

1080 HD 60fps samples from the Canon EOS 1D C

[tentblogger-youtube DgdSFaOo73A]

Download Links!

If the links get shut down, I'll find some other place to host the videos – but lucky for you, the URL will stay the same. The Wetransfer site says the link will be active for 2 weeks

You are free to share these with others, but please please include a link back to this post (use so people can see any updates if the links are down etc!
Here are the download links:

  1. Canon EOS 1D C 60fps sample 1 – this is almost 1gb
  2. Canon EOS 1D C 60fps sample 2 – 114mb
  3. Canon EOS 1D C 60fps sample 3 – 101mb
  4. Canon EOS 1D C 60fps sample 4 – 608mb
  5. Canon EOS 1D C 60fps sample 5 – 100mb

Please keep your eye on planet5D in the coming weeks for more Canon EOS 1D C info! I do plan on also sharing more video samples including some examples of the Super35 cropping and high ISO samples.


(cover photo credit: snap from the Canon EOS 1D C video)


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